Literature Search – Building Block of Research Realm

by | May 20, 2022 | Medical Writing

How to know if an article or a journal is trustworthy source? Literature search forms the basic unit of trust for medical writing and communications. The past studies and research have so much to offer that the whole new healthcare world is based upon what has already been concluded. Before writing about any topic, we need to read and read about all that has been written and published. But is simply reading known as literature search?

What is literature search?

Literature Search is like a process in which the first step is to look for all the available evidence (books, journals, websites etc.) for a particular topic. The next step involves combining and assembling all the available data. Literature search is like searching for treasure. The next thing is to find the hidden facts and gaps in them. These gaps would become the basis for further research and questions in medical world.

Importance of literature search

The literature search is mostly done by researchers, scientists, doctors, students writing thesis, entrepreneurs and anyone seeking to find more and create much more. But why is literature search an important topic to learn?

  • Literature search forms the ground for further discussions, methods of study and provides solid content
  • Literature search offers an in-depth education about a specific topic and hence increases the understanding of the author
  • Literature search allows you to explore what is not answered yet in the world of science
  • The mistakes that had been done, the experience and achievements of previous studies is all in your hands
  • Literature research justifies the reason for your research and research methodology used
  • Point of reference gives life to your search and helps you sail through struggles of drafting an article

These are some of the major reasons why literature search is important but, there is no end to this question because literature search is giving power and intellect to your research topic.

Errors in deciding what to search and what not, destroys the whole process of medical writing. How to move towards a successful literature search?

Literature search is not about typing random keywords, it’s an art to find the real capital. Choose the right question or keywords, improve quality by sources or reliability, the tiny details make your work shine out. But if you know the right way and right stops then your journey is smooth. The guidance and trainings from the experienced ones make the road polished.

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