World Rabies Day, 28th Sep 2016 : Educate. Vaccinate. Eliminate.

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Awareness Day/Month

This year marks the 10th World Rabies Day, which has become a global phenomenon since its beginning in the year 2007. The theme of this year is: “Educate. Vaccinate. Eliminate.” which emphasizes on the two important actions that we need to take to prevent rabies. Also, the theme reflects the global target of eliminating deaths due to canine rabies by 2030.

Rabies is a viral disease in mammals that is transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal and infects the central nervous system (CNS). Its symptoms range from fever, headache, and general weakness to insomnia, anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, agitation, and difficulty in swallowing. Once clinical signs and symptoms appear, the disease is nearly fatal and the patient can be given only supportive treatment. Thus, it is very important to prevent the disease. Rightly said, prevention is better than cure and after all, prevention is the only remedy for this deadly disease.


·         Dogs contribute to 99% of all the rabies transmissions to humans

·         Rabies causes tens of thousands of deaths every year, majorly in Asia and Africa

·         40% of people bitten by suspected rabid animals are below 15 years of age

·         More than 15 million people get post-bite vaccinations globally, every year


Preventing rabies

Rabies can be easily prevented by vaccination. Following measures can help in easy eradication of the disease:

  • Vaccinating dogs to eliminate rabies.
  • Pre-exposure immunization in people, especially those involved in high risk occupations like laboratory workers dealing with animals, children etc.
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis immediately after exposure to rabies can prevent the infection from entering the CNS. This can be done via:
    • Local treatment of the bitten area/wound immediately after exposure
    • Administration of potent rabies vaccines
    • Administration of rabies immunoglobulin, if needed

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