Financial Disclosures in Medical Publishing

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Medical Publishing


Financial disclosures enable the readers to evaluate the potential conflict of interest (COI) which probably builds the trust of transparency in the medical publishing’s.


The financial disclosures are made available to the readers either in the published article or by posting the submitted financial disclosure forms online along with the published article. It allows the readers to evaluate the author disclosure with COI and analyze the financial aspect of the published material. Furthermore, it allows one to interpret the information provided in the article accordingly in the gleam of all those disclosures.


  • Many scientific journals and funding agencies have adopted and regularized it for the authors to disclose all finance related interests to improve the uprightness of science and manage all COIs. The complete disclosure removes the inkling of hiding some relevant information regarding the object.
  • It allows the reader to draft their own opinion on whether a COI exists and what significant association it has with the study.
  • Readers and editors easily recognize that several nonfinancial forms of bias, may it be executive, cognitive, competition at academic level, or discriminatory based on personal confront can affect a study or the reviews.

Over the past few decades, only the financial disclosure has emerged as an attainable goal among the above stated, but the process has not been perfected either in concept or practice.

The financial disclosure remains a debatable topic in field of medicine with some finding the requested reporting burdensome and others still unsatisfied that declaration is pellucid, at its best.

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