Relationship Building at Workplace

by | May 28, 2018 | HR

Our current lifestyle revolves around our workplace duties and responsibilities. Every day we spend the major part of our time at our workplace. In order to have a satisfying job, we must enjoy the work. Maximum output and increased productivity can only be achieved if we have a healthy working environment. Work becomes burden if we don’t have people around to talk to or discuss and brainstorm ideas. Also, it is okay to trust our colleagues, provided we don’t cross our limits and disclose confidential matters.

Let us look at the various impacts of relationship building at workplace:

  • A knowledgeable individual is one who on one hand improvises on the negative qualities of his/her colleague and on the other glorifies their strengths. This trait helps in resolving conflicts. Conflicts at work place lead to no solutions whereas on the other hand nice gesture sets things straight.
  • As a mature professional, one needs to keep a check on his/her emotions. One must learn to ignore negative people or sit with him/her and try to mutually sort out their differences.
  • Managers must have a healthy relationship with their subordinates. Listening to them closely, helps the subordinates to strive hard and perform better. Doing this, a good manager can ensure their team’s performance is the best under all situations.
  • Knowledge sharing is important factor governing career excellence. Sharing with the team is a two-way learning process.
  • An individual need to be a team player and pay attention to other team member ideas as well.
  • Unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings at workplace lead to stress. An individual would never be able to deliver his/her level best if she/he is under stress.

Importance of Relationship Building

  • Healthy relationship is the key to positive ambience at workplace.
  • Healthy relationship goes a long way in extracting the best out of individuals.
  • Healthy relationship leads to mental peace. One tends to enjoy his/her work if he/she has a trustable environment.
  • Healthy relationship leads to people from varied backgrounds and expertise come together on a common platform, exchange ideas and reach to best possible solutions and strategies.
  • Healthy relationship among employees also goes a long way in inculcating a sense of pride and loyalty for the organization. People tend to enjoy their work and office.
  • Healthy relationship among employees plays a crucial role at the time of crisis. Emergency situations are unpredictable and can arise anytime. It is necessary that people help each other for increased productivity and better output.

Relationship Building Approaches at Workplace:

  • Be honest in your relationships. Never lie to people you are close to.
  • Respect others. Superiors ought to respect their subordinates if they expect the same in return.
  • Never misguide If you feel your team member is going on the wrong track, guide him/her immediately. Give others the right suggestion.
  • It always pays to be straight forward in relationships. Never speak ill about someone behind their back.
  • Be transparent in relationships. A senior need to be transparent with his/her subordinates and vice a versa. Favoritisms should be avoided.
  • One needs to communicate effectively for successful relationships. The other person must understand what you intend to communicate.
  • Learn to say a polite yet firm ‘NO’ to people.
  • Leave your ego behind the moment you step inside the office. Be kind to each and every-one. It pays in the long run.
  • Learn to forgive
  • Motivate each other and avoid being jealous. Help each other at the times of crisis.
  • Develop a habit of working in teams. Responsibilities ought to be distributed equally among employees as per their expertise and work experience.
  • Do not open any of your team member’s personal files, couriers or letters just because he/she is your friend. Such an approach is unprofessional and unacceptable.

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