Because if you kill yourself, you’re also going to kill those who love you

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Suicide has become the 3rd highest reason for deaths today in the world, notably among the age group of 15-44 years (male & female). As per the reports, there is 1 death every 40 seconds globally. The suicide rate, globally, has increased by 60% in the last 45 years. Suicide endeavors are up to 20 times more incessant than finished suicides.

This is undeniably a sad state as predominantly the youth is becoming suicidal. When you are surrounded by problems and cannot figure out a way, suicide is not the solution. But still, many people fail to understand this fact and end up taking their lives, leaving their near & dear ones in immense pain, shock & trauma.

The world celebrates “World Suicide Prevention Day” on 10th September to spread awareness about suicide & offer worldwide commitment & action to prevent suicides.

The theme for 2018 is “Working together to prevent suicide.”

There are various reasons for suicide, to name some:

  • Unemployment
  • Losing a loved one
  • Family problems
  • Financial issues
  • Alienation from community, society or any group
  • Mental disorders like depression, substance abuse, etc.

As per a survey, mental states like depression account for most suicides in the world, about 90%.

According to the reports by WHO:

  • The Eastern European region has the highest suicide rate for both the genders.
  • India & China contribute to 30% of total suicides worldwide.
  • 55% of people aged between 15-44 years & 45% aged 45 or above commit suicide.
  • Suicide among the youth is becoming a major reason for concern.

Suicide in India:

A land of over 1.32 billion people has a suicide rate of 16.4 per 100,000 women (6th highest globally) & 25.8 for men (22nd highest in the world), according to WHO. The major causes are identified as family issues, prolonged illness & any mental disorder. People in the age group of 15-44 had the highest number of suicides.

Turacoz Healthcare Solutions understands the severity of the problem and presents some tips to help a suicidal person.

First, let’s get ourselves clear about common misconceptions about suicide:

  • Individuals who discuss suicide won’t usually do it
  • Any individual who tries to kill him/herself must be insane
  • In the event that a man is resolved to murder him/herself, nothing will stop them
  • Individuals who committed suicide were individuals unwilling to have looked for help
  • Discussing suicide may give somebody the thought

If you pay attention, then anyone who is about to attempt a suicide or is having suicidal thoughts, won’t commit it abruptly. He/she will drop some or the other hint. Being alert & noticing the hints can aid in preventing the suicide

Below mentioned are some hints that a person thinking of suicide might drop:

  • Discussing suicide
  • Searching out deadly means like pills, gun, etc.
  • Distraction with death
  • No expectation for what’s to come
  • Self-hatred, self-loathing
  • Getting undertakings all together like making a will, etc.
  • Saying farewell
  • Pulling back from others
  • Causing harm to themselves
  • A sudden feeling of quiet

Preventing the suicide:

Because if you kill yourself, you’re also going to kill those who love you

  • Speak up to the individual whom you are really concerned about. If you think he/she is having suicidal intentions, you, being the individual to share the sentiments with might make him feel comfortable and by talking, you will also get an idea of his mental state and judge the gravity of the situation.
  • Respond promptly in a deadlock. Once you have analyzed the urgency of the situation and sensed the degree of the threat, respond accordingly. Call emergency services, remove any hazardous material or weapons & make sure to stick with the person about to commit suicide.
  • Extend your support & sympathy. Lay an ear to the person and hear out all he/she has to say. Comfort the individual and try to console him/her. Show your faith in him/her and make the person believe that they are much needed here and are loved and cared for.

To help a suicidal person you should:

  • Reach out for professional help
  • Have a follow-up on the treatment
  • Raise the person’s morale & encourage a healthy lifestyle for him
  • Keep the person distant from any measures of suicide
  • Keep supporting and caring

There are various Suicide helplines you can reach out to even if you are the person concerned or the victim itself. Below are the list & details of a few 24/7 suicide helplines for India:

  1. AASRA: +91 22-27546669/ +91 22-27546667


  1. 1life: +91 78930-78930


  1. Vandrevala Foundation: 1860-266-2345/ 1800-233-3330


Suicide is an issue that needs to be taken care of immediately. Your support and love for such people can make them love their life again. The individuals suffering from suicidal thoughts don’t want to die; they want their pain to die. We can help them with ending their suffering or at least make them forget their misery and live again.

To all those people who are thinking of ending their existence, Turacoz wants to convey to them the message that-

“You are not alone. Everyone feels lonely at some stage in his or her life. But this feeling is momentary and will not last forever. The world is a predominant place with you in it. Love yourself!”