Why was my manuscript rejected? – Talking about 5 most common reasons for rejection in journals

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Medical Writing, Publication Writing

“We are sorry to inform you that your submission is rejected”- This is something you never want to hear or read but this is most often experienced. These words are disheartening. When we start research, it becomes a dream to see that work turning into pages of a journal. But after so much hard work and research what is something that we lack? This blog will unlock your mysteries and let you know the reasons behind that NO, that rejection. Let’s find out what goes wrong and what one should do.

  1. Technical Screening turning into a failure

The first problem can be in your basic check. From plagiarism to figures, something has gone wrong. In technical Screening, manuscript is rejected if: –

  • There is some issue with language
  • Imprecise hypothesis  
  • Main titles, references, list of authors etc. crucial elements are missing
  • There is no proper conclusion
  • Flaws in study design

2. Deviation from aim and outlook of journal

The biggest and smallest mistake we can do is not finding the perfect journal. Before sending your submission, one must know what the aim and scope of the journal is. If your manuscript is not adding any value to the journal, they will reject it. To learn how to find where to publish and how to find that right key visit https://lnkd.in/drKKnPHe

3. Do not Put your feet in two boats

Journals usually mention that if your work is under review at some other place then they will not consider it. So, do not submit your work at two journals, you might sink. Find the journal interested in your research and focus in one direction.

4. Format it before sending

Journals have their own writing style, their way of transforming the manuscript. It begins from font size, font style and can never end because definitive amount of margin is also essential for a journal. So, it is especially important to meet the standards set by a journal and follow the instructions about guidelines.

5. Finding Originality and Significance

If your submission is extension or another version of some research paper, you have high chances of getting a NO. If the journal does not find any significance in what you are trying to convey then also your submission is rejected.

Take Away Points

For the buds of researching world, it is challenging to get their manuscript accepted. But if you know the secrets and tips to the road, this world is welcoming. The world of publishing and medical writing is a place where you need to know what, why and where. Planning matters here.

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