by | Jul 13, 2015 | Tips

The 5 tips for desktop workers are absolutely essential to maintain and good health and have a long innings professionally.

  1. Support your back and promote comfortable leg postures:Use a chair that supports your lower backAdjust your work surface and chair height to assume a comfortable and natural body postureClear away items from beneath your desk to allow comfortable leg positioning and movement.

    Use a footrest if your feet do not rest comfortably on the floor.

  2. Minimize reaching and to promote comfortable shoulder and arm postures:
    1. Place your keyboard and mouse or trackball at the same height; these should be at about elbow level
    2. Place frequently used items comfortably within arm’s reach
    3. Keep your wrists straight while typing and while using a mouse or trackball. Avoid bending your wrists up, down or to the sides
  3. Minimize neck bending and twisting:
    1. Position the top of the screen near eye level
    2. Centre your monitor in front of you.
    3. Consider using a document holder to position your documents near eye level.
  4. Reduce the effects of low-impact forces on your body
    1. Type with a light touch, keeping your hands and fingers relaxed, because it takes little effort to activate keyboard keys.
    2. Relax your arms and hands when you are not typing or using your mouse.
    3. Adjust your chair so the seat does not press into the back of your knees
  5. Vary your daily activities to work productively
    1. Plan your work and play so that you are not doing the same thing for extended periods of time
    2. Use different input devices, such as your mouse and keyboard, to accomplish the same task. For example, to perform a scrolling task, you can use the wheel on the mouse and the arrow keys on the keyboard.
    3. Stand up after every 25-30 minutes take a walk or perform stretching exercises involving one of the body parts.

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