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“Life is a puzzle where we keep trying to fit pieces to be successful. But there is no one single move or mantra.”

As it brings forth equally-chances and struggles, opportunities, and failures, wishes and disappointments, it becomes imperative to choose our area of focus, wisely. Every science student, be it medical or academic, wishes to be part of the contributory chain towards growth of healthcare. However, more often than not, there emerges a gap between what you study and what the market demands as a professional. This empty space of unlearnt skills is filled by wonderful opportunities in the form of courses, webinars and specific skill-based workshops. Without a shadow of doubt, these options are a new look at the education system.

What makes Turacoz distinct from ordinary learning institutes?

By the face of it, Turacoz is well-known as a valuable medical communication partner in the healthcare industry but there is much more than what appears. Turacoz is not only a service- oriented organization but also through its regular courses and webinars, is a grooming and upskilling platform for learners with diverse age and experience spectrum. It is priming every aspiring science geek into a medical writer; exploring talent and polishing it with practical knowledge and technical skills is the best way Turacoz is giving to society the richness of knowledge

Turacoz has brought evolution from academic learnings to target based learnings. The courses based on medical writing, scientific publications, scientific documents etc. talks about the practical needs and not just theoretical writing skills.

Turacoz knows the healthcare market from its roots, and one gets to learn from the experienced and real evidence.

Being one of the very few organizations which envision empowerment of women, Turacoz encourages women to join the workforce and provides them opportunities to rebuild their career despite long gaps.

Turacoz does not impose qualification-based boundaries and hence bias is never part of its modus operandi. If you have a scientific background and interest in writing, you will be groomed without any judgment.

In the COVID era, when millions of people were losing jobs and colleges were shut down, education and growth was posed with a big question mark. But Turacoz never shut its doors. Turacoz being a wide spectrum stage never stopped offering jobs and mentorship and continued to cultivate their Skill Development Programs (TSDP) manifold

Turacoz gives a place to connect with like-minded people and increase your network in the professional world of healthcare research and communication.

Learning the
perks of courses

The world is changing at one scroll, and it is really important to walk along with the change
Is a certificate program a replacement for a degree? NO. Is it an
addendum to your qualifications? YES.
It is a flavor-enhancer if we can put it in a more aesthetic way! Webinars, workshops and courses are bettering the chance to fit the missing pieces in a professional boardgame. There are new streams of clinical and scientific research opening every day and these options are guiding you to supplement your knowledge-bank with skills and other perks as well.

Not so heavy on the pocket

For a medical writing course/certificate or a webinar, you certainly do not need a pocket as deep as you would for a master and diploma. The expenses entailed in these courses can be easily managed with work and personal life. So, why not choose something which is light on your pocket and adds weight to your resume at the same time.

Targeting the skills

‘By the books’ sounds as medieval as it can get. The need of the hour is to focus on what more we can think, innovate and contribute. You definitely need your fundamentals in place, but only to chaperone new skills. The short-term courses offered by Turacoz are by subject matter experts who freight real-time experiences and know in depth about the skills that can raise your chances to get a job.


The biggest advantage of the short-term courses is the convenience they provide you in terms of time, venue and menu. While physical workshops undoubtedly render a more interpersonal leverage, advent of online options have made it more accessible. Professionals and experienced guides take you through a 8 by 8 window, into a world where you get to learn from real stories and facts. Through distance learning and online classes, certificate courses are letting you maintain your work-life balance like a boss.

Long-term benefits

With professional and targeted skill enhancement courses, you are planning a life ahead with surety. You add points in your resume and finesse in your work, and it helps you in raising your visibility at work.

Making your career and passion meet

You enjoy science and you love writing, but you never knew how to get these two shake hands! With a flair of writing along with good scientific knowledge, one can turn into an ace medical writer.


Courses and workshops have a wide vision and no boundaries set and so you can get admission at any phase of your life. All you need is passion and hunger to learn. In Turacoz, be it a science graduate, or a healthcare professional or a PhD, anyone can learn medical writing.
“A decade back, someone doing a course was considered a hobbyist; nor was scientific writing considered an independent skill or profession. However, with unfolding layers of clinical research and its allies, medical writing emerged as an indispensable province. The role of such courses and workshops has hence evolved in widening the learning curve, imparting skill-based knowledge, upskilling and providing better employment opportunities.”