Myths about HIV/AIDS: Busted

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Awareness Day/Month

Ever since HIV/AIDS is discovered, there have been lots of rumors surrounding it. This article aims at busting those myths and presenting the fact.

HIV-Human Immunodeficiency Virus attacks the immune system of human body and makes a person weaker and increases his disability to fight against diseases. This is caused by having unprotected sex with a HIV positive person and using shared needles/syringes for injecting drugs.

There are various myths about HIV. Let’s have a look at them and then get aware of the reality:

  • You can get HIV by being around a HIV positive individual: This is the most popular rumor surrounding this situation, that you can get affected by HIV by staying around a person who suffers from this disease.

Fact: You cannot get affected by HIV by shaking hands, touching, hugging, kissing or sitting together with a HIV positive person. The HIV virus transfers to your body through vaginal fluids, semen and blood of a HIV positive person.

  • HIV is caused by mosquito and insect bites: Another popular myth which says that if a mosquito bites a HIV positive person and bites you too, then you can also get HIV.

Fact: One cannot get HIV from any mosquito or insect bites. Mosquitoes never inject blood in your body, not does any other insect.

  • You cannot live long, if diagnosed with HIV: A common misconception is that if you have HIV than your life is cut-short or say is over. You will die soon.

Fact: HIV does not mean that your life is over. When it came into knowledge, there were any deaths due to it because there was nothing that we knew about this disease. But today, a lot is known about it. Though there is no fix cure for this, but still, there are certain treatments and therapies that help control the damage HIV does to your body. If one follows proper therapy and takes daily doses, one can live a normal, healthy and long life.

  • Having sex with a HIV positive person will get you HIV: Another myth, that says, if you become physically intimate with a person who is HIV positive, you can also get affected by the virus.

Fact: It is very important to understand that how HIV spreads, what are the risk factors and the preventative measures. By using quality condoms, you can lower down the risk of transmission of this virus. Practicing safe sex is the key to stay away from getting infected with this virus.

  • A woman affected by HIV will pass it on to her baby: This myth states that a HIV positive woman will pass on this virus to her baby during pregnancy and the baby with be HIV positive too.

Fact: This can only be possible in the case where no proper measures are taken to prevent the baby from the virus. A HIV positive woman can prevent her baby from getting infected by taking proper treatments at the right time. There are some treatments available that ensure safer deliver of child and keep him/her virus-free.

  • There is no need for condom if you use HIV Prevention Pill: A myth that says, one does not need to use condoms if he/she is taking a PrEP.

Fact: PrEP (HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a technique through which the use of a regular antiretroviral pills can lower down the risk of getting infected by HIV by as much as 92%. But this does not state that the condoms should not be used at all. It is always good to stay on the safer side.

  • One can stop using condoms if he has an undetectable virus: A myth that says if you have suppressed your viruses to an undetectable level, you should quit using condoms.

Fact: It is true to a certain extent that a person who has suppressed his viruses completely such that they become undetectable, is less likely to transmit the virus. But this doesn’t ensure that there aren’t any factors that can increase or reduce the risk individually.

  • We are on the verge of curing HIV/AIDS: Another false claim that the cure for HIV is about to be discovered.

Fact: There are numerous researches going on and a lot has been understood on this disease. Advances are being made but we are not yet close to disclosing the cure for it. Till date, this disease has no permanent cure and only certain drugs are available which can help control the damage.

  • Straight men and the ones who do not take IV drugs cannot get HIV: Misconception that only gays can get affected by this virus called HIV.

Fact: Though men involved in homosexual sex are more likely to develop HIV, heterosexual contact can also get you affected. Around 3 in 4 women and 1 out of 6 men have this situation.

  • You cannot have children if you’re HIV positive: A very common misconception stating that a HIV positive cannot conceive and extend family.

Fact: It is not necessary that you will not be able to have children if HIV positive. There are certain ways and treatments that can help you conceive. Though HIV is a sexually transmitted disease, there are various options you can consider for conceiving, depending on which partner is HIV positive.

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