As the demand for commercial content rises, so do the expectations for marketing team oversight, medical, legal, and regulatory approvals, production costs, and faster localization efforts. This demands a better strategy.

The continuously changing digital environment is bringing a notable change in commercial content management. Conventional methods that include various siloed systems or paper-based processes prolong the review and approval processes, which delays the release of the content for commercial usage. In this volatile environment, assets must be created and approved more quickly across channels and geographies.

Veeva Vault Promomats

Veeva vault is a cloud-based content management platform for the life sciences sector.

Vault promomats automates the entire end-to-end process and provides better compliance and faster availability, from concept and strategy to the association of claims and reference documents, to medical, legal and regulatory (MLR) review, to piece distribution, and finally expiry and withdrawal.

A majority of vault promomats users have witnessed a six-month return on their investment and a considerable boost in their other content management KPIs:


Reduction in Review Cycle Time


Reduction in Time Spent on Compliance Procedures


Reduction in Time Spent in MLR/ PRC Meeting


Reduction in Time Spent on Agencies Initiating and Uploading Jobs

Overcoming the Challenges

Content approval is a difficult and time-consuming task. To comply with regulatory standards and streamline the submission process, life science businesses are swiftly transitioning to electronic submission of commercial content. The need to successfully manage this entire activity entails a faster pace for the overall scientific endeavor.

How We Help?

We offer our clients the expertise and experience in content lab management in addition to assisting in the creation of such content. We provide our clients with top-notch subject-matter expertise for handling their content on promomats.

Turacoz has been working on veeva vault promomats, assisting our clients in managing commercial materials with ease, and making the approval process smooth and quick across the whole digital supply chain.

At turacoz, we have a solid structure in place that caters to our client’s needs.

We have a remarkably effective team that focuses solely on content lab management, enabling our clients to save significant time and money.

In addition to assisting with uploads and annotations, we also assist with content reviews and approval.