#WorldContraceptionDay, 26 Sep 2015

by | Sep 26, 2015 | Awareness Day/Month

World contraception day (WCD) was first conceived in the year 2007 by 10 international family planning

organizations in order to spread awareness and education about effective and safe contraception


The event has a theme which culminates from an individual perspective of living a responsible life. The motto is: “It’s your life, it’s your future, know your options.”

There are 3 sub-themes:

  • Your options: where young people can learn about all the contraceptive options available, using a reliable, unbiased source of information.
  • Your future: understanding how unplanned pregnancies can happen and how the body changes during puberty
  • Your partner: learning to talk to your partner about contraception and how to build a trusting relationship based on reliable information

WCD is supported by a coalition of 11 international NGOs/GO as well as scientific and medical societies with an interest in sexual and reproductive health. Partners are:

• Asian Pacific Council on Contraception (APCOC)
• Centro Latinamericano Salud y Mujer (CELSAM)
• European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (ESC)
• Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW)
• International Federation of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology (FIGIJ)
• International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
• Marie Stopes International (MSI)
• Population Services International (PSI)
• The Population Council
• The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
• Women Deliver (WD)

Benefits of Family Planning / Contraception

Maternal well-being: Family planning ensures access of preferred contraceptive methods for women and couples. It helps women secure their autonomy and well-being while taking care of their family.

Preventing pregnancy-related health risks in women: Controlling the timing of pregnancy can allow women to have better control over her well-being and health. By reducing rates of unintended pregnancies, family planning also reduces the need for unsafe abortion.

Reducing infant mortality

Family planning can prevent closely spaced and ill-timed pregnancies and births, which contribute to some of the world’s highest infant mortality rates.

Helping to prevent HIV/AIDS

Male and female condoms provide dual protection against unintended pregnancies and against STIs including HIV.

Empowering people and enhancing education

Family planning enables people to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health.

Slowing population growth

Family planning is key to slowing unsustainable population growth and the resulting negative impacts on the economy, environment, and national and regional development efforts.

WCD coalition formed a framework for action in order to achieve significant results. It underlines key areas of enabling young people everywhere to benefit from access to high quality sexual and reproductive health advice and services. The framework emphasizes four key points to build understanding of various types of contraceptives and their ease of usage.

  • Knowledge
    Education is the key to success of any program, hence forth, people are informed about short acting methods to long acting reversible methods
  • Practicing Safe-sex

Besides preventing pregnancies, contraception also aids in providing protected sex. Young generation should be well equipped with the knowledge and resources to practice safe sex.

  • Intercourse not for reproduction

Misconception and religious beliefs needs to be addressed and people are advised to inform their partners about contraception. It should be used readily without fear or prejudices.

  • Equality and empowerment

In a relationship, both the partners have equal say and should take an informed decision about family planning. Empowering women to exercise their right to get pregnant is an important tool in ensuring well-being of a family.

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