Turacoz Healthcare Solutions workshop

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Uncategorized


On 6th July 2018, Turacoz Healthcare Solutions organized an eventful and interactive workshop on “Best practices for Scientific Writing & Publications” in Canada. The workshop drew a gratifying response from diverse audiences and professionals.

The workshop was a synthesis of discussions, presentations and a one-on-one session on issues associated with creating an original research article, data sharing, publication writing, etc.

All sessions were highly interactive and informative. Dr. Namrata, Founder, Director & Trainer at Turacoz Healthcare Solutions went an extra mile to guide the participants on the technicalities of scientific & publication writing.

It is important for a research article to make the cut and at this workshop Dr. Namrata explained the ways one could accomplish this. The workshop also had career counselling sessions for aspiring medical writers along with the bilateral sessions, presentations & editing support for a drafted or rejected manuscript.

This workshop was a feat by Turacoz Healthcare Solutions to promote quality Medical/Scientific writing and Publication writing and to propel & steer endeavoring medical writers and researchers.