MLR – Approaching Perfection

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Medical Writing, Regulatory Writing

Medico marketing and medical communications are adding a novel approach to the dissemination of information by medical and healthcare industry. Nonetheless, improper marketing and communication can dampen the efforts of medical and healthcare industry. This is where Medical-Legal Regulatory (MLR) review steps in.

What do you understand by MLR?

MLR Review is an important step in healthcare promotion and marketing. This step ensures the accuracy, compliance, and credibility of content. The content is reviewed and approved by both medical and legal reviewers in compliance with guidelines and regulations.

Significance of Medical-Legal Regulatory Review

Every healthcare practice or product entering the market impacts lives. If the drug or device information is not conveyed accurately, it can lead to lethal outcomes. Thus, such information necessitates stringent verification and review as one wrong step can not only cost lives but may have a huge financial impact. Media trials leading to disrepute and functional collapse could be other added side effects. Therefore, if a product involves instructions for dosage, storage etc., the need for MLR review becomes paramount and non-negotiable  

  • False or unreliable information can get companies shut down and banned
  • Wrong marketing equals exit from the market
  • MLR adds credibility and a sense of security

In a world where healthcare promotion is moving towards digitalization and extensive marketing strategies, patient awareness of available options is increasing. Hence, MLR review has become even more necessary, but the question is how to evolve in this revolution?

Technology and Software in solving the problem

From paperwork to soft copies, the leap has been taken a long time ago. However, medical reviewers and writers are still one step away from the ideal. This is because the increased number of drafts, multiple revisions, and pressure of meeting the deadlines tends to create a gap in the development of a perfect document.

With tools and technology, we can fill the gap between creativity and accuracy. These tools allow us to move from “Leave behind Leaflets” to “Video content”. The process right from uploading a document to referencing a document, everything can be put in order and system.

Turacoz is opening its doors by introducing you to such tools and technology and welcomes you to be a part of the digital revolution. Turacoz is organizing workshops, webinars, and courses to guide and teach the new generation about MLR reviews.

“Perfection is the pillar of Turacoz”

Here is the detail of upcoming courses and workshops of Turacoz

  1. Certificate Course in Scientific Writing: 16th July,2022
  2. Workshop on “Freelance medical writing: A flexible career opportunity”: 9th July,2022.

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