Scientific Presentations: The Canvas of Medical Industry

by | May 11, 2022 | Medical Writing

Ideas and knowledge will be of no value if not transferred and communicated with the right words and some creativity. If you do not want blank faces staring back at you, it is important to put your message simply and innovatively. Presentations are a powerful way of unveiling valuable information, scientific research, training peers, etc. and keeping the audience engaged at the same time. But what makes a scientific presentation weigh heavier than any other? The value of a well-designed presentation is neglected in the medical world. Let us probe into the need for an impressive presentation.

Unlike journal publications which are text-heavy, structured, guideline-driven and use only scientific imageries for representation of data, power point presentations have the creative liberty. Presentations steer your way to take your research and knowledge into the world. And communication in a way that is understood by the audience is the responsibility of a medical writer. Here are some domains where medical writers and designers need to flip open PowerPoint and their creative genius!

  • Medical Education

Learning never ends for anyone. And likewise for the healthcare community. To support consistent academic and professional development, knowledge sharing, and with the ultimate goal to upscale health system for community, medical education is imperative and requires strategic involvement of medical writers. For any healthcare policy or clinical advancement to bloom, the medical fraternity needs to be part of medical education (eg Continuing Medical Education, CME for doctors) to maintain competency and lengthen the learning curve.

  • Conferences and Advisory Boards

Medical conferences andAdvisory Boards require robust impart of research and contribution to existing scientific evidence by Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). To speak their science, presentations become their canvas. In national and international conferences, 5 minutes of the presentation can describe their whole journey from deciding the motive to finding a conclusion. Textually light and graphical presentations welcome the attention span and add retention bonus.

  • Webinars and Training Courses

In a one-click away generation, webinars and courses are important means of learning. To learn something new from experienced professionals, presentations bring all the important information. In the medical industry where nobody has enough time, short presentations with important facts are the finest assets.

  • Healthcare Sales Force Training

If a pharmaceutical company has to bring its brand or product to the market, its sales team should be well educated about what are they selling and how will it affect public health. Simple informative training presentations for such serve a huge purpose of empowering every stakeholder with every possible information.

This list is long, but the crux, precise. Presentations are not just a deck of slides; they give you a whiteboard (and lots of colors too!) to showcase all a medical writer has got for the healthcare world. A medical or scientific presentation should be visionary, informative and to learn what are you missing. So, how do you make the best of it? You are on the right page, as Turacoz will guide you through crafting an impressive presentation through its upcoming certificate course on Medical Communications: Medical Writing for Medical Affairs.

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