Practicalities of Working From Home

by | Feb 21, 2018 | HR

Work-From-Home (WFH) is one of the main argument topics lately. WFH as well as flexible working hours are the two major retention tools for working mothers and even other employees. Time is changing very fast, and it has become necessary to build a transparent culture within, which includes trusting employees to work whenever they want. The benefits of working from home are shown in Figure-1.


Figure-1: Practicalities of Working from Home


We @Turacoz Healthcare Solutions understand the significance of a better work-life balance and realize that employees often value the flexibility of working from home. We firmly believe that best work does not always happen within the restricted office hours of 9-5 and hence have integrated remote working arrangements and flexi time in our culture. So, if you are interested in what we do and looking for a gig that will let you work from home completely/occasionally, reach out to us at . To know more about our company visit and