Talking Science with Laymen – Future of Scientific Communication

From the corridors of laboratories, science has found its way to our mobile screens. Digital media and social apps have pulverized the boundaries between a published paper and the public. Today a scientist can communicate and share his progress with everyone on the planet irrespective of his background. During the pandemic, Twitter brought an evolution in the minds of people about research and science.

Lay Summary – A New Phase of Publication

“What is the side effect of paracetamol? Why can’t my kid get vaccinated? Which vaccine is more effective?” The patients and worried parents were looking all over on internet to treasure trove the answers to these questions. In such a scenario and many of its likes, Google becomes the go-to database for information, but it, unfortunately, lead to misinformation, misdiagnosis, spurious remedies, all heading to graver damage to health.


Peer Review is the process of evaluation of manuscripts submitted for scientific publication in journals/books, pre-clinical or clinical study reports, research progress reports etc., by experts or peers with similar competence as manuscript authors. It plays a pivotal role in scholarly publications with objective to ascertain quality, reliability and credibility of the work reported in…