Lay Summary – A New Phase of Publication

“What is the side effect of paracetamol? Why can’t my kid get vaccinated? Which vaccine is more effective?” The patients and worried parents were looking all over on internet to treasure trove the answers to these questions. In such a scenario and many of its likes, Google becomes the go-to database for information, but it, unfortunately, lead to misinformation, misdiagnosis, spurious remedies, all heading to graver damage to health.

Beyond surgeries and doctors – How to help a cancer patient?

Needles, pills, liquid diets, and a room with the daunting odor of disease, are things a cancer patient is never devoid of experiencing. Cancer is a disease that takes a human down physically and mentally; a disease in which your own body cells refuse to listen to you. This metastasizing monster has its claws all over the globe and the entire healthcare community is leaving no stones unturned to find that perfect cure.