5 Steps towards Freelance Medical Writing

Working within organized cabins, reporting to managers, and clocking in as per company norms: work culture has taken a leap beyond these precincts. “Opportunities are created by us”, as the saying goes. Freelance Medical Writing exemplifies this precisely. Undoubtedly, full-time jobs support a sense of structure, decorum and a running income, but they are not always conducive, especially for those who are unable to devote time to a nine-to-six job due to personal commitments. This is precisely where freelancing comes to rescue.

MLR – Approaching Perfection

Medico marketing and medical communications are adding a novel approach to the dissemination of information by medical and healthcare industry. Nonetheless, improper marketing and communication can dampen the efforts of medical and healthcare industry. This is where Medical-Legal Regulatory (MLR) review steps in. What do you understand by MLR? MLR Review is an important step…

Scientific Presentations: The Canvas of Medical Industry

Ideas and knowledge will be of no value if not transferred and communicated with the right words and some creativity. If you do not want blank faces staring back at you, it is important to put your message simply and innovatively. Presentations are a powerful way of unveiling valuable information, scientific research, training peers, etc. and keeping the audience engaged at the same time. But what makes a scientific presentation weight heavier than any other? The value of a well-designed presentation is neglected in the medical world.

Medical Podcasts

Digitalization has recalibrated healthcare to new heights. It is imperative for healthcare professionals and medical students to stay abreast with scientific and clinical advancements, but ironically the rush hours of duty leave them very little room and time for it. Nevertheless, newer technological options have widened the windows to healthcare communications and one such innovation is the emergence of Podcasts.