Postpartum Depression- What are we missing to provide safe motherhood?

Holding the baby for long hours, cleaning poop with a smile on face, singing lullabies relentlessly, spending sleepless nights are the most common scenes of new motherhood. But what is not seen are the collateral surges of emotional drain-outs, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, panic, bouts of despondency and detachment. While the former is normal, the latter is compelled to be normalized.

Punch-In to a Healthy Workplace

Fingers constantly working on laptops, eyes lost in the starlight of the screen, and mind battling
with anger, fear, anxiety, judgments, and pressure to win the race! This is the image of a modern
human working to earn a little more and finding peace a little less. The struggle of the mind
against the world has led to an increase in mental health issues.

Beyond surgeries and doctors – How to help a cancer patient?

Needles, pills, liquid diets, and a room with the daunting odor of disease, are things a cancer patient is never devoid of experiencing. Cancer is a disease that takes a human down physically and mentally; a disease in which your own body cells refuse to listen to you. This metastasizing monster has its claws all over the globe and the entire healthcare community is leaving no stones unturned to find that perfect cure.