Regular trainings are required to develop or improve the
knowledge of disease and product to ultimately improve
the quality of public healthcare.

Target Audience

Medical Education Can Be Delivered As

Scientific Slide

Training Manuals

E-Learning Modules

Video Formats

Continuing Medical Education
(CME) Accreditation Content

Continuing medical education (CME) Is an essential accreditation for healthcare professionals globally to be updated in all recent advances and updated patient management guidelines/recommendations.

Let’s Connect
Turacoz Team Provides the Following Services Under CME Development and Accreditation:
  • Content creation:


    CME PlanDevelopment

    Trainer Coordination

  • Training deployment on learning management system (LMS) And as online/offline workshops CME accreditation.
  • CME accreditation with medical societies and associations.
  • Post CME communication with healthcare professionals and internal stakeholders.