Omnichannel Non-promotional Communication

In this digital era, omnichannel communication is the answer to modern-day communication, given the easy availability and increased reach of different social media platforms.

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Through these channels, Turacoz can help you to quickly communicate the disease severity, treatment options available, latest therapeutic advances and news, patient experiences, regulatory approvals, changing guidelines, and results of your key clinical trials to health care professionals and other researchers in a non-biased manner.


In this evolving space of medical communication, peer-to-peer communication is a Key to opening doors toward positive patient care.

Turacoz comes into effect by providing means for convenient communication between HCPs, pharmaceutical/biotech companies, and stakeholders.

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With a Brilliant Army of Writers and Designers, Turacoz Can Aid You in Better Delivery of Your Clinical Development Through:

  • Webinars
  • Stand-Alone Emailers
  • Newsletter and Emailer
  • Symposium Invites
    and Summaries
  • Online CMEs
  • Kol Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Patient Education
  • Research Snapshots
  • Clinical Infographics
  • Video Bites
  • FAQ Booklets
  • Leave Pieces and LBLs