The Scientific and Medical Communications Strategy Depends Upon

Stage of the Product in the
Product Life Cycle

Feedback From the Field Force, Medical Affairs Team, Healthcare Professionals, Patients/Consumers

Challenges Faced by the Sponsor/Manufacturer

Information Required by Policy Makers, Insurance/Reimbursement, and Regulatory Agencies

  • This requires an in-depth landscape assessment and market research of the product and the competitors to identify the key objectives of the scientific communication plan.
  • Once the objectives are finalized, an appropriate communications strategy is developed to sensitize the markets, create brands, and build up an advocacy around the product.

The objectives should address short-term communication plans and long-term behavioral goals.

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Branding and Rebranding Activities

Turacoz works with a vision to bond your product with HCPs and patients personally. It is crucial to take your message effectively to key opinion leaders, healthcare professionals, and patients in order to create wider brand awareness, acceptance, and improved healthcare.

Case Studies

Turacoz can create digital/non-digital engagement deliverables, and business as well as marketing plan for brands through audience-specific tailor-made content.

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Omnichannel Promotional Solutions

The crux of a successful healthcare network is accessibility of scientific data. Evolving with current scenario, we at Turacoz understand the need to shift from multichannel to an omnichannel mode of medical marketing, providing all possible cross-channel disciplines and enabling both clinical and non-clinical stakeholders to access information from anywhere.

With the right kind of strategic partnership, Turacoz can aid you in providing better design thinking, digital analytics, and integration of required technology, keeping in mind both digital and physical environments, to strike the right information to the right stakeholders. This in turn helps in improved revenue, patient care, quality of product, and customer satisfaction.

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In a Nutshell, We Offer To:

  • Help pharma engage with HCPs and patients for brand awareness, patient support, better compliance, and sales-force validity.
  • Facilitate B2B engagement across geographically diverse pharmacy landscapes, and promoting synergistic business cycles.