To grow in their fields and be on top of the game, individuals need to keep challenging themselves every day and gathering knowledge to ensure bright prospects for themselves and the ones around them.

For healthcare professionals, it is essential to improve their skills continuously and remain updated with recent advancements. In addition, students from a science background need to be groomed to meet industry standards.

At Turacoz, we provide both -standardized and customized- training to these students as well as doctors and medical affairs professionals who are keen to develop their current knowledge in clinical research. We also cater to the needs of freshers interested in venturing into clinical research domains or medical communications. We help them bridge the current gaps through our trainings that are tailored as per our target audience which includes field force and pharmaceutical professionals on specific therapeutic areas, indications, products, etc.

  • Keeping a profound understanding of concepts and quality learning at the core of our training activities, we focus on the overall career development of all our trainees.
  • Our trainings are interactive and led by domain experts. They are conducted in the form of courses, workshops, and seminars, depending on requirements and the convenience of our audience.
  • To ensure wide participation, we also hold virtual sessions (online mode) or face-to-face sessions in large groups. To impart knowledge on data collection methodology and basics of biostatistics and publication writing.
  • We conduct customized training as well as corporate training to help organizations improve their processes and overall results with the help of a workforce that is now more skilled.