While targeted literature reviews are mostly narrative in nature and tend to be descriptive where researchers can select articles based on their point of view, a systematic review is a specific type of review that uses rigorous and transparent methods to summarize all the available evidence with little to no bias.

The Main Characteristics of a Systematic Literature Review and Its Associated Procedure, Meta-Analyses, Are:

  • Clearly set the research question that the study would answer.
  • Have clearly stated objectives with an explicit and reproducible method.
  • Develop a search string that includes all related studies that would meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Assess the quality/validity of the selected studies (e.g., assessment of risk of bias and confidence in cumulative estimates).
  • Systematically present and synthesize the extracted data from the selected studies.
  • Publish the study findings for scientific purpose and decision making.

At Turacoz, we can help in developing both targeted literature reviews and systematic literature reviews.

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