About the Webinar

The advent of generative AI tools has revolutionized the way we approach literature search, review, and summarization in the scientific writing process. These powerful tools leverage the capabilities of AI to streamline and enhance the way we consume and understand scholarly articles, papers, and books. However, just like a coin has two sides, this powerful technology poses some major challenges.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where Dr. Namrata Singh, Founder & Director, Turacoz Group and Alex Ramalho, Technical & Research Lead, Hippo AI Foundation will share their experiences and plausible solutions for using generative AI for literature search, review, and summarization in medical writing. Our esteemed speakers will also share their valuable insights on common issues while using the generative AI tools especially with data security and integrity.

Key Highlights 

  1. A walk through the major breakthroughs and implications of generative AI.
  2. A sight into the current challenges and problems in the landscape of literature search.
  3. Using generative AI in research and writing.
  4. Glimpse into the ongoing experimentation in this field.
  5. Interactive Q&A session to answer the audience’s queries, concerns, and opinions.

Perks of Attending the Webinar

After successfully completing the webinar, you will have access to the following:

  1. A platform to discuss with experts and experienced medical publication professionals.
  2. Attendance certificate.

Who Can Join the Webinar?

Whether you are a researcher/scholar/academician, industry professional/student (graduate or post-graduate)/an experienced medical writer, you are sure to take home some key messages from this webinar! Come join us in this exciting journey of learning something new, and expand your knowledge to achieve more.

Detailed Agenda
1.      Speaker introduction
2.     Quick overview


Understanding Generative AI
1.     What is Generative AI?
2.    Understanding major breakthroughs and implications


Formalizing the Research Problem
1.    Breaking down research into sub problems
2.    Current challenges and problems in the landscape of literature search
Generative AI in Research
1.   How can you use it and its limitations
Higher Concerns of Generative AI
1.    Overview of the Security, Privacy & Ethic concerns
2.    Transparency and open source as a mitigation
3.    Glimpse into the ongoing research and development in this field
Q&A Session
1.  Answering audience’s queries, concerns, and opinions
2.  Wrap-up and closing remarks


Dr. Namrata Singh
Founder & Director
Turacoz Group
Alex Ramalho
Tech & Research Lead