Overcoming Document Recreation Challenges in Pharma Medical Writing

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Case Study

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical writing, challenges frequently emerge that demand innovative solutions and meticulous attention to detail. This case study delves into a project undertaken by Turacoz for a prominent pharmaceutical client, highlighting the complexities faced and the strategic approach employed to overcome them. The project, initially aimed at document annotation and review, expanded to encompass the recreation of a non-editable document, presenting a unique set of challenges that demanded adept handling and a comprehensive strategy.

Client Background and Objectives:

The client, a leading pharmaceutical company, sought assistance from Turacoz in preparing and annotating documents essential for regulatory compliance and dissemination to healthcare professionals (HCPs). With a primary focus on accuracy, scientific validity, and regulatory adherence, the client aimed to ensure that their documents effectively communicated critical information while meeting stringent industry standards.

The project’s objectives were clear to deliver meticulously crafted documents that not only complied with regulatory guidelines but also provided valuable insights to healthcare professionals worldwide.

Challenges Faced:

The project encountered several significant challenges, each requiring strategic planning and meticulous execution:

  • Extended Scope: Initially, the project’s scope primarily involved uploading and annotating documents in Veeva Vault. However, as the project progressed, the scope expanded to include the recreation of a non-editable document, significantly increasing the complexity and time constraints.
  • Extensive Literature Search: A crucial aspect of medical writing is ensuring that claims and information are supported by current and relevant literature. In this project, conducting a country-specific literature search to substantiate claims added a layer of complexity, demanding a thorough understanding of regional regulations and guidelines.
  • Document Recreation: One of the most formidable challenges faced was the recreation of a non-editable document. With no source file available, the design team had to reconstruct the document from scratch, meticulously ensuring accuracy, consistency, and adherence to regulatory guidelines. This process required intricate attention to detail and extensive collaboration between medical writers, designers, and quality assurance professionals.
  • Quality Checking: Rigorous quality assurance procedures were essential to verify the accuracy and completeness of the recreated document. Every aspect of the document underwent meticulous scrutiny to ensure compliance with client requirements, industry standards, and regulatory guidelines. Any discrepancies or errors identified during the quality-checking process were promptly addressed to maintain the integrity of the final deliverable.

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Turacoz Approach and Methodology:

To address the multifaceted challenges posed by the project, Turacoz adopted a systematic and comprehensive approach:

  • Thorough Literature Search: A team of experienced medical writers conducted extensive literature searches, focusing on country-specific data to support the client’s claims. By incorporating the latest information and research findings, the documents were enriched with credible and evidence-based content, enhancing their scientific validity and relevance.
  • Document Recreation: The recreation of the non-editable document required careful planning and execution. The design team meticulously reconstructed the document, paying close attention to formatting, layout, and content to ensure an exact match with the original. This process involved leveraging advanced design tools and techniques to recreate complex graphics, tables, and diagrams accurately.
  • Quality Assurance: A dedicated team of quality assurance professionals conducted thorough checks to verify the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of the recreated document. Any discrepancies or errors identified during the quality assurance process were meticulously addressed to maintain the integrity of the final deliverable. This rigorous quality assurance process ensured that the recreated documents met the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Results and Outcomes:

Despite the numerous challenges encountered, Turacoz successfully delivered on the client’s objectives:

  • Recreated Document: The non-editable document was recreated with precision and accuracy, ensuring that all content was faithfully replicated from the original. The recreated document maintained the same layout, formatting, and graphical elements as the original, providing a seamless user experience for healthcare professionals.
  • Updated Content: By incorporating the latest literature and research findings, the documents were enriched with relevant and up-to-date information, enhancing their credibility and scientific validity. The updated content provided valuable insights to healthcare professionals, empowering them to make informed decisions in their clinical practice.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The recreated documents adhered to regulatory guidelines and industry standards, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and requirements. Turacoz’s thorough understanding of regional regulations and guidelines enabled the creation of documents that met the specific requirements of different geographical regions, facilitating global dissemination and adoption.
  • Client Satisfaction: The client expressed satisfaction with the quality and accuracy of the deliverables, acknowledging Turacoz’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail. The successful completion of the project strengthened the client’s confidence in Turacoz’s capabilities and paved the way for future collaborations.


In conclusion, the successful completion of this project underscores Turacoz’s expertise in medical writing and document recreation. By overcoming multifaceted challenges with a strategic approach and meticulous attention to detail, Turacoz has not only met but exceeded the expectations of the pharmaceutical client.

The project’s success highlights Turacoz’s ability to adapt and innovate in response to evolving client needs and industry requirements. The seamless integration of advanced research methodologies, creative design solutions, and rigorous quality assurance processes has resulted in the delivery of high-quality documents that meet the highest standards of accuracy, scientific validity, and regulatory compliance.

Moreover, the client’s satisfaction with the deliverables reaffirms Turacoz’s position as a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical industry. The strengthened confidence in Turacoz’s capabilities paves the way for future collaborations and underscores the value of the partnership between Turacoz and its clients.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Turacoz remains committed to providing innovative and reliable medical writing services that drive positive outcomes for clients and healthcare professionals alike. Through collaboration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Turacoz stands poised to continue delivering impactful solutions that address the complex challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry today and in the future.