Developing an HIV Training Module in Slide Deck Format for a Pharma Client Client: Pharma

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Case Study

Client: Pharma

Target Audience: Medical Affairs Internal Team

The landscape of HIV treatment is continually evolving as new clinical studies and guidelines emerge. For medical affairs internal teams, staying updated with the latest evidence-based practices and treatment protocols is crucial to providing accurate and informed support to healthcare professionals and patients alike.

In this case study, we examine Turacoz’s approach to developing a comprehensive HIV training module in slide deck format for a pharmaceutical client. The module was designed for the client’s medical affairs internal team and aimed to cover key topics such as an introduction to HIV, drug classifications, guidelines, and clinical studies on HIV treatment.

The project presented several challenges, including the need to condense complex data from provided educational modules and additional literature searches into a limited number of slides. Despite these challenges, Turacoz successfully delivered a concise yet thorough slide deck that met the client’s needs while adhering to the set timeline.

This case study outlines our strategic process for curating and presenting the most relevant and up-to-date information on HIV treatments and studies, ensuring the medical affairs internal team is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of HIV care and management. Through a combination of clear content, consistent formatting, and engaging visuals, the slide deck serves as a valuable resource for the client’s team, enhancing their knowledge and capability in the field of HIV treatment.


The client tasked Turacoz with creating a concise HIV training module in slide deck format for their medical affairs internal team. This involved covering essential topics such as introduction, drug classifications, guidelines, and clinical studies, based on the provided educational modules. However, the project expanded in scope as we were later asked to conduct our literature search for additional sources and updated guidelines.

Despite the expanded scope, the project’s delivery timeline remained unchanged, presenting the challenge of condensing complex data from external literature searches into an easily digestible format within the slide deck. Moreover, the client requested that we integrate information from various studies and guidelines, including NACO and WHO guidelines, ANOVA studies, and landmark BIC drug studies across all lines of treatment.

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Executive Summary:

Turacoz, a leading medical writing agency, undertook the project of developing an HIV training module in slide deck format for the client’s medical affairs internal team. The objective was to present complex information in a clear, concise, and informative manner. The topics covered included an introduction to HIV, drug classifications, and up-to-date guidelines and clinical studies on HIV treatments.

Our challenge was to gather and condense extensive scientific evidence and guidelines into a limited number of slides while ensuring that the information was both relevant and accurate. This required a meticulous approach to research, content organization, and presentation.


To effectively meet the client’s requirements, we conducted extensive research, exploring various websites, scientific journals, and medical sources to gather updated information on HIV treatment and related studies. We synthesized data from both the provided educational modules and our literature search to ensure a comprehensive and well-rounded presentation.

The challenge of fitting all necessary information within a limited number of slides was addressed by carefully curating content and utilizing infographics to enhance the clarity and engagement of the presentation. The content was structured to flow logically and cover all requested topics without overwhelming the audience.

Turacoz Approach:

Turacoz took a strategic approach to the slide deck creation:

  1. Integration of Guidelines: We integrated the latest WHO and NACO guidelines on HIV treatment initiation into a single slide, emphasizing the key similarities and differences between them.
  2. Treatment Lines: We created six slides dedicated to outlining all lines of treatment according to both WHO and NACO guidelines.
  3. ANOVA Studies: Two slides were devoted to the findings from ANOVA studies sourced from PubMed, providing insights into the efficacy and safety of different treatments.
  4. Landmark BIC Studies: We summarized key points from landmark BIC studies across all lines of treatment, organizing the data into four slides.

Despite the client’s original request to limit the expansion to nine slides, we presented 12 slides to maintain the quality and integrity of the content. This decision was made to avoid overcrowding the slides and to effectively communicate the essential information.

The Results:

The slide deck was delivered within the designated timeline and met the client’s expectations for the scope and quality of the content. Our team ensured that the slides were clear and informative, with a consistent layout, font selection, and color scheme across all slides. The inclusion of infographics enhanced the visual appeal and engagement of the presentation.

The final slide deck achieved the goal of providing the medical affairs internal team with a thorough understanding of HIV treatment options, guidelines, and key studies. The client expressed satisfaction with the comprehensive yet concise nature of the presentation, which fulfilled their requirements while adhering to the slide limit.