Brief about Turacoz

Turacoz is a global Medical Writing agency collaborating with over 75 global pharmaceutical MNCs, medical devices, diagnostics, and consumer care companies. The training curriculum is crafted by medical writers and trainers who are members of esteemed organizations like AMWA (American Medical Writer Association), EMWA (European Medical Writer Association), and ISMPP (The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals), having 10 to 15 years of industry experience. Enrolling in formal and specialized medical publication training with us will not only help you shape your dreams but also pave the way for success in the industry. Our expertise also extends into medical communications and regulatory writing, offering a comprehensive approach to your professional development.

Brief about the Course

The culmination of any successful research endeavor involves disseminating the research findings to the wider scientific community. Prospective authors, including researchers and scientists, often encounter significant challenges or barriers when seeking to publish their work. In our efforts to bridge this gap and assist the scientific and medical research community in publishing their findings in reputable journals, we have designed a 14-week comprehensive scientific publication writing course. This instructor-led live online course aims to provide invaluable guidance and support for those navigating the intricacies of scientific publishing, encompassing regulatory writing and medical communication as integral components of the training.

This course serves as a valuable resource for upskilling professionals within the healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, and research sectors, facilitating their advancement within professional hierarchies. Specifically designed to enhance the knowledge and expertise of individuals in the life sciences field, this course provides practical guidance and training. It caters to those aspiring to pursue careers as publication writers, regulatory writers, or in related roles, offering a comprehensive approach to career development.

We understand the importance of flexible learning, and hence our course is designed to be accessible and convenient. Our students can access the course material online and at their own pace to fit in with their busy schedules till 180 days after course completion.

Detailed Week-wise Agenda
Module I: General
Week-01) Introduction to Medical Writing
  1. Types of medical writing documents
  2. Skill sets required for medical writer
  3. Process flow of any medical writing document
  4. Guidelines for drafting different medical writing documents
  5. AI in medical writing
Week-02) Literature Search Methodology and Referencing
  1. Databases used – PubMed, Google Scholar, Cochrane, etc
  2. Boolean words
  3. Literature search string development
  4. Literature summarisation using AI tools
  5. Referencing and annotation
Module II: Manuscript Writing
Week-03) Manuscript Writing Basics
  1. GPP3 2022 update
  2. Publication lifecycle and publication planning – strategy and tactile plans
  3. IMRAD structure
  4. Writing templates – CONSORT, STROBE, PRISMA
Week-04) Writing Different Sections
  1. Introduction section
  2. Methods section – study design, endpoints, and biostatistics
  3. Results section
  4. Discussion section
Week-05) Journal Activities
  1. Journal selection
  2. Mock submission to a journal
  3. Submission package preparation
  4. Addressing journal queries
Week-06) Technology Tools and Recent Trends in Publications
  1. Tools used – DataVision / PubSTRAT
  2. Digital enhancements like graphical and audio-visual abstracts
  3. EndNote / Reference Manager
Module III: Regulatory Writing
Week-07) Regulatory Writing Basics
  1. Drug development and clinical research
  2. ICH guidelines
  3. AMA style guide
  4. Pharmacokinetics basics
Week-08) Protocol Writing
  1. Study designs in clinical research
  2. Biostatistics used in clinical research
  3. Protocol writing template
Week-09) Clinical Study Report Writing
  1. Interpreting study findings
  2. Abbreviated CSR versus full CSR
  3. Development of CSR using the appropriate template
  4. Tables and figures
  5. CSR QC and formatting
Week-10) CTD Module 2
  1. What is CTD
  2. ICH M4 template
  3. Overviews and summaries preparation
Module IV: Medical Communications
Week-11) General Introduction and Medico-Marketing Documents
  1. Introduction to documents prepared for medical affairs and marketing departments
  2. Different types of medico-marketing solutions – print and digital
  3. Do’s and Don’ts for medical communications
  4. Team working on projects and their respective roles
Week-12) Making an Effective Presentation
  1. Essentials of a good PowerPoint presentation
  2. Presenting information from a published paper
  3. Some Do’s and Don’ts in presentations
Week-13) Audio-Visual Deliverables
  1. Importance of audio-visual marketing content
  2. Audio deliverables – podcasts
  3. Visual deliverables – videos, infographics, images, screenshots, presentations, memes
  4. Scriptwriting for podcast
  5. Scriptwriting for videos
  6. Others
Week-14) Technology Tools and Recent Trends
  1. Veeva
  2. Canva and other AI tools
  3. Future of medical communications

Who Can Join This Course?

  • Aspiring Medical      Writers
  • Researchers and            Scientists
  • Regulatory Affairs      Specialists
  • Pharmaceutical and      Biotech      Professionals
  • Clinical Research      Writers
  • Inquisitive Minds      about AI in      Medical Writing
  • Any Aspiring Medical Writers
    Any Researchers and Scientists
    Any Regulatory Affairs Specialists
    Any Pharmaceutical and Biotech Professionals
    Any Clinical Research Writers
    Any Inquisitive Minds about AI in Medical Writing

    Trainers Profile

    Dr. Namrata Singh
    Founder & Director
    Turacoz Healthcare Solutions
    (MBBS, DNB [Paediatrics], MBA)
    Dr. Ritu Sharma
    Lead Medical Writer
    Turacoz Healthcare Solutions

    Dr. Shruti Shah
    Director – Strategy & Growth
    Turacoz Healthcare Solutions
    (Ph.D. Oncology)
    Dr. Shweta Tripathi
    Medical Writer
    Turacoz Healthcare Solutions
    (Ph.D. Genetics & Plant Breeding)
    Dr. Priyanka Biswas Kamarkar
    Medical Writer
    Turacoz Healthcare Solutions
    (Ph.D. Biotechnology)
    Dr. Anuradha Chatterjee
    Senior Medical Writer
    Turacoz Healthcare Solutions
    (Biotechnologist, Ph. D (IIT Mumbai))


    The course was efficiently structured, and the format also supported a busy schedule, as the recordings were available for review. The course instructors are knowledgeable and help the learner build further understanding from practical experience, not just theory. I would recommend this course for those aiming at either understanding the basic elements of scientific and medical writing and also for those aiming at enhancing their skills in the field

    Parul Jain

    CPD Accredited Certificate Course in Scientific Writing END-TO-END Journal Publication and Conference Presentation is an amazing course that teaches budding scientists how to write a well-structured article and takes a tour towards conference presentation skills. I specifically liked the hands-on module about referencing style and plagiarism. Also, the assignments and quizzes in the course were very informative and made learning a fun-filled activity. I would like to thank the presenters for the information delivered in a clear and concise manner. Above all, the course is well-structured, easy to understand, and boosts the zeal among the learners to implement the points they learned through the course and enhance their scientific writing skills. I would like to thank the entire team of Turacoz for conducting such courses. Special thanks to the trainer for her mesmerizing lectures

    Nusrath Yasmeen

    During this eight-week course, I learned many new techniques about how to read and write journal articles, identify and categorize papers, quick strategies for research journal searches on various websites, and upcoming trends in publications and do’s and don’ts of congress activity. In each class, I discovered many hidden techniques in report writing and tools used for checking plagiarism. Questions and queries were analyzed and answered by the respective class trainer. The weekly assignments helped me a lot to analyze my knowledge. Overall, I conclude that this is the best program for those who wish to learn more about medical writing

    Nirmal Mathivanan

    As a medical student, I always had a keen interest in scientific writing. But usually, we are never taught about basic things required for research and writing such as plagiarism, journal selection, and different styles of citations. When you step into this industry of medical and scientific writing, you will realize that all these are just primary skills and medical writing is so vast. Turacoz introduced me to basic and advanced techniques to draft a flawless manuscript. Expertise and experience are their foundation, but dedication is their strength. People here put so much effort to make you understand even the tiny things. The content and assignments made me better! Thank you to the trainers. You made this course a wonderful experience. The learning journey with you is helping me a lot

    Manal El Jamal