Top 5 Skills That Can Make You A Star Recruiter

The recruitment sector is constantly evolving and has changed a lot in past few decades. The way recruitment and staffing are done has changed so much in these years. The recruiters are working hard to meet the new and dynamic demands of the companies and multinationals.

Everything from the demands of the corporate to the modes of recruitment, have changed. Social media has been playing an important role in recruitment of the candidates. The sources of recruitment or say reaching out to the job seekers has become easy with the availability of various tools and other platforms and yet at the same time recruiting has become more challenging.

A recruiter is responsible for recruiting the right candidates. His/her work is to place the right candidate to the right job and the work is endless. Various multinationals and corporates hire recruitment firms to get desirable candidate for themselves. In this scenario. The work of a recruiter becomes even more extensive and he/she has to source for the candidates on a wider scale to meet the required standards of the hiring firms/manager.

A recruiter deals with the following tasks:
  • Contacting hiring managers to assess the staffing needs
  • Screening resumes of applicants and job seekers
  • Conducting telephonic or face-to-face interviews with candidates
  • Conducting background checks
  • Recommending candidates to hiring managers
  • Take a follow-up on status of interview process
  • Communicating benefits of the job and employer details while screening
  • Maintaining timely reports on employment tasks
  • Holding exit interviews on discontinuation of employees

When performing oodles of tasks, a recruiter is required to have certain skills to conduct his/her work smoothly. Here are 5 skills that accounts for good recruiter:

  • Being confident: When you breathe confidence, you can make things happen and it also gives you strength to perform your tasks efficiently. A recruiter indirectly plays the role of a salesperson who needs to convince the job seeker and the hiring manager/company for a job role. A right balance between showcasing confidence in the service without being rude is very important.
  • Listening skills: The better your listening skills are, the best you will be able to accomplish your tasks. Listening carefully to the needs, expectations and desires of your clients and candidates will help you in performing the job right while also saving your time and extra efforts.
  • Communication skills: Recruitment involves connecting with people and for this you need good communication skills. A recruiter is required to clearly communicate with the candidates regarding any job opening and at the same time also needs to get along well with the hiring managers to brief them about any suitable candidate or to put up any queries or other information. Be it face-to-face conversation or telephonic or through e-mails, a recruiter is required to be well-versed and communicative.
  • Multi-tasking abilities and time management: Working for several clients, going through various job briefs and getting involved with numerous candidates, a recruiter should be able to manage his/her time well and should be able to multi-task. This will help in reducing unnecessary and extra efforts and time spend on a task and will lead to completion of more tasks in lesser time.
  • Cool temperament: The moment you lose your temper, you lose your business, i.e. your performance would suffer. Being a recruiter means surviving in a very competitive and target oriented market. So, you need to be calm and composed to handles the pressure and work load.

These are the 5 key skills that will make a recruiter stand out in the race of being the best in this competitive and ever-changing recruitment sector. Incorporating these skills in your work-life will help you get better results and will lead to have happy associations with clients and candidates.

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By Aakanksha Pareek

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