Strategic Workforce Planning

If you were to list the most important words describing a successful organization, the word planning would definitely be in the mix. To be more specific, strategic workforce planning is a key characteristic of well-operating organizations. All of the most successful businesses use planning to forecast the future of the market, analyze performance metrics, and prevent damage to their corporate image.

Strategic workforce planning can provide numerous benefits to your organization, including employee retention, talent identification, identifying skill gaps, and supporting your budget. Workforce planning can also help better prepare an organization for the future and to better forecast challenges they may come across. An effective strategic workforce plan can truly be a guiding force for all areas of your organization.

Too often workforce planning exercises focus on workforce analysis – it is easy to get caught up in the analysis of numbers, and spend time asking questions as to why specific trends are occurring. However, unless the workforce planning process includes the development of strategies and actions, it is not actually a plan.

Workforce planning is one of the core activities of human resource management. It is carried out on both short and long-term basis. Process involves:

  • Developing Strategies
  • Analyzing Workforce, Identify Skill Gaps, and Conduct Workforce Analysis
  • Develop & Implement Action Plan
  • Monitor, Evaluate, and Revise

Finally, and most importantly, if the actions aren’t implemented, nothing will change. The most important element of workforce planning isn’t the planning process itself, it’s implementation. It’s vital to nominate those responsible, set deadlines and deliver.

Benefits of a Workforce Planning includes:

  • Improved process efficiency
  • Proactive talent pipelining of actual business needs
  • Accurately defined roles attract better talent
  • Anticipated costs before the recruitment process starts
  • Understanding of known and unknown attrition
  • Benefits of being able to plan hiring across the business
  • Better positioned to execute new business initiatives successfully
  • Improved budgeting accuracy
  • Companies can expect substantial improvements in employee engagement and retention efforts

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By Smita Soni

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