10 Qualities That Every Employee Seeks in His Employer

Employer and employees are two main aspects of an organization. Effective and efficient contribute towards organization’s growth and success and the employers too, by hiring these employees. The employer-employee relationship is never thought to be smooth. Employer-employee relationship must be solicitous together. The limit of closeness is dependent on both parties’ outlook. A few employers wish to keep a distance from their employees so that a hierarchy can be maintained between them and there is no chaos and confusion.

While on the other hands, few employers believe in maintaining friendly terms with their employees as they are of the thought that this helps in building healthy employer-employee relationship and encourages employee happiness and satisfaction. 

While there can be different sides to this relationship, expectations remain on both sides. There are many things that an employer expects from his/her employees and same is the case with employees as well. Every employee expects a few qualities in his/her employer. These qualities make an employer stand out in the eyes of employees.

  1. Conversational: Communication is an essential part of any organization. Whether it is a small-scale organization or a larger one, an employee expects his employer to communicate all the relevant news and information to him. An ideal employer should keep employees in loop when mentioning company performance, team performance and goals. This gives employees a feeling of belongingness and they think that they are being valued in the organization.
  2. Contribute in personal growth: Every employee working in an organization is growing professionally and learning new work-related skills. An ideal employer not just helps employees to grow professionally but also groom personally. A good employer will have what it takes to be able to achieve growth and expansion. Employees look forward to such employers who help them evolve professionally and personally as well.
  3. Flexibility: With the changing outlook of employees, by being flexible it not just means to accommodate for leaves, but also give facilities like work-from-home to the employees. Understanding the issues employees are facing and giving them a flexible work environment is of utmost important in the current working scenario. Employees appreciate it when employers are understanding of employees’ personal and professional hurdles and help them cope with it by being flexible.
  4. Commitment: It is a very simple logic; if the employer is not committed towards his work and dedicated to the company, the employees also wouldn’t. So, high level of commitment is required at the end of employer towards the organization.
  5. Thinks of employees as one team: All the employees in the company are working towards same goal including the employer. It doesn’t hurt to think of the employees as partners and not just another cog in the machine.
  6. Futuristic: an employer should not only be able to assess the present situation and performance of the organization but should also be capable of mapping the future situations. He should have strong analytical skills and he should be able to plan for future in an organized manner to achieve the goals in long-term.
  7. Contemporary thought process and openness to feedback: A good employer is always open to new ideas and feedbacks by his employees. He should be innovative and welcome and respect the opinions and suggestions of his employees.
  8. Recognizing achievements and efforts of employees: An employee wants his employer to recognize his accomplishments and consider his efforts and appreciate. A good employer should always recognize the achievements of his employees and motivate them to do better and help them improve on their shortcomings.
  9. Creating a healthy work environment: No individual can work in a negative and unhealthy working environment. The atmosphere of any organization determines the performance of the employees and the organization itself. A good employer should always promote a healthy and positive work environment so that the employee outlook and performance stay positive for the organization.
  10. Dependability: We have all seen a lot of swindlers who don’t deliver on what they promise. An employee always seeks trustworthiness and honesty in his employer. A good employer should make employees believe that they can achieve the organizational goals and their personal goals shall also be fulfilled and not to mention, he should fulfill these promises. Employees should be able to trust in their employer.

These 10 traits in an employer works like a magnet for new and existing employees. The work culture plays a very important role in shaping the organizations and determining the performance of employees. A good employer can get the maximum out of his employees and ensure good company performance and growth along with employee growth and success.

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By Aakanksha Pareek

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