Recruiting Strategies That Are Past Their 'Sell-By' Date

Recruitment is a very complex task. It is not as simple as one might presume it to be. A recruiter must go through a pile of other activities and tasks before finally recruiting the right candidate. The staffing and recruitment agencies work hard to source the willing and eligible candidates for any job profile, and it takes a lot of efforts.

There are various recruitment strategies that recruiters follow to get through the candidates. Not every strategy works with every candidate but most of them work fine with many. Staffing and recruitment industry has seen many changes in the past few decades and the staffing and recruiting strategies have also evolved over time.

In this ever-changing world, the dynamism in the recruitment sector cannot be overlooked, and the changes made into staffing techniques and recruitment strategies is also considered as an important factor.

Here, in this post, we will talk about some of the outdated recruitment strategies that don’t work now and are past their expiry date:

  • Luring in through salary: Just salary isn’t sellable anymore. There were days when you would call a job seeker and tell him that he would be paid 40,000 bucks a month and he would be happy and content enough to join as the motivator at that time was a good monetary incentive. Today, the case is not the same. Only salary is not enough for people to jump into a job. Various factors like workplace flexibility, workplace environments, work from home opportunities, other perks, etc. are important and considerable factors for the employees.
  • Cold calling: Thinking of calling random people and offering them a job opportunity? Well, you might fail miserably and won’t benefit out of it unless you travel back in time for say 10-20 years. Today, you cannot make calls to random people. You need to make a proper network of connections and get to know people through it.
  • Advertising on comprehensive job boards: Initially, posting jobs on online platforms would get you the right candidates for the job. But, now, you might post a job on online job boards and would get hundreds of request and queries for the same and you would end up contacting really no one and miss out on the qualified candidates. Recruiters now need to be more active and experimental in nature to source candidates.
  • Getting the hiring manager to look beyond the CV: Earlier you, as a recruiter, could contact the hiring manager and request to consider a certain candidate you think would be fit for the job despite of him/her not exactly meeting the eligibility criteria or requirements and ask him to overlook certain factors like lesser experience, etc. And give the candidate a shot for further process. But, today, the resumes get shortlisted even using auto-screening through robots and there are certain instructions given to the hiring managers by their senior management that you cannot compel hiring managers to overlook the criteria he is seeking for.
  • Just offering jobs: Today, job seekers are much more active and informed as they were back then. They know what they are seeking for in their career and what job profile they want to work into. You now cannot ask a candidate to go for a job he/she doesn’t finds suitable as per the qualifications, interest or any other factors. Earlier the focus of people was to get into a job and make an earning, but now it is much more than that.
  • Simply telling about job openings and getting candidates for interviews: As a recruiter now, you just cannot tell a candidate about a job opening and send him for an interview or any other selection process. You need to be much friendlier and more associated with the candidate and take a follow-up of the whole process of his selection to the final placement. Even the hiring companies/managers are looking for promising candidates and quality services from the staffing companies. Networking is the key to successful recruitment today. This will help in building both candidates and clients.

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By Aakanksha Pareek

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