What is Temporary-to-Permanent Hiring?

Temp-to-Perm hire is a hiring arrangement in which a worker is hired first on a temporary basis, usually through a temporary staffing agency with the possibility of the position becoming full-time. It’s not a guaranteed full-time position and centers on a few variables, such as how well the worker performs during the temporary arrangement will lead businesses to reconsider their hiring plans.

How Temp-to-Perm Hire Roles Work?

Temp-to-perm hire assignments are typically term based temporary roles, often between three to six months, with the possibility of an extension or a permanent hire at the end of the temporary period.

In many ways, a temp-to-perm hire arrangement is similar to a probationary period that a new hire often undergoes after accepting a job. The primary difference is that while in the temporary phase of the arrangement, the worker has a temporary status – meaning he/she is not eligible for the same benefits or perks as a full-time employee, such as paid vacation days and health insurance. The worker remains under contract with the staffing platform (or other temporary staffing solution) during the temporary period.

After the temporary period ends, workers become eligible for full-time employment. Often, companies simply transition roles from temporary to permanent at this time, filling out all the paperwork and handling other administrative tasks for a typical full-time hire. If a worker is hired or transitioned to a full-time role, their contract ends with the staffing agency or other intermediary and they formally become an employee of the company. If, on the other hand, the temporary role does not become permanent (the worker is not retained for a full-time role), they can continue to accept temporary assignments through their staffing agency.

Best Practices for Employees

  • Treat it like a permanent role from the start
  • Show your desire to learn
  • Build relationships with co-workers and superiors
  • Take initiative

Best Practices for Employers

  • Hire with the idea that the role will become permanent
  • Work with a reputable staffing service
  • Assess both your needs and candidate fit

Benefits of Temp-to-Perm Hire for Employers

  • A temp-to-perm hire strategy enables you to evaluate potential employees prior to offering a permanent employment.
  • This hiring practice saves employers time & money that can result from a bad hire.
  • One of the best ways to find temp-to-perm hire employees is by connecting with a reputable staffing agency.

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By Smita Soni

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