Revealed: Why should you go with Staffing Firms?

Running a business? You would definitely feel the need of people working for you. There is no existence of a business or an organization without its employees. You may be in any nature of business, you would need people to work for you and how well will your business perform depends on your workforce up to a large extent.
This is why Staffing is epoch-making.

What is staffing?

A business runs on management and staffing is one of the important functions of management which deals with a personnel’s:
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation

The people you hire for work determine the quality of your output and eventually the reputation of your business. So, it’s very crucial to hire the right employees for right work. Hiring all by yourself can be a tedious task and it might also affect the quality of recruitment. This is where Staffing firms can help you to reduce your burden and provide you with quality staff.

They can assist the firms in finding the appropriate talent and build up their employee base.

What are staffing firms?

These are firms which basically earn by making placements with a company. These are the staffing agencies, RPOs, contingency & secured-managing search organizations.

What difference does working with a staffing firm makes?

  • They can help you enhance the quality of new hires: you should not be much worried about paying few percent extra for a single candidate as these firms are actively looking for hiring the candidates in both forms of talent pool i.e. active & passive so the chances of hiring a good quality employee is really high.
  • They are involved in this sole work: and yes! This is the biggest advantage. You might have an eye for the talent, but your workload might restrict you on various parts and you might not be able to recruit a suitable candidate for a profile. Whereas, these firms have the sole work of recruiting people and thus perform this task more effectively and efficiently.
  • The best of the talent reaches out to them: the people with decent experience always look for third party recruiters to get a hold of any suitable opportunities. This overpowers the capability of corporate recruiters of representing only a single organization.
  • Widespread network: since they are into the business of finding people to recruit for the companies, their network is huge, and they are well-connected and thus their chance of getting the right candidates for the job for any company increases.
  • They know their job & your requirement well: since their work is hiring, they know what your requirements are and what all group of people would be suitable for any profile and who would be the best catch.
  • They can hit the right chord with the passive candidates: a person who is not actively looking for a job or job change is not easy to convince. But these firms are masters of this art of convincing and can turn a passive candidate into an active one and make him go for a specific job.
  • They have tenability with the hiring managers: the third-party recruiters are actively in touch with the hiring managers and it thus helps in forming a trust factor which is not the case with corporate recruiters as they usually work with different hiring managers.
  • They are placement focused: these third-party recruiters are interested in placements rather than activities. This gives you an advantage of going through lesser candidates in the process of hiring the best one. You already receive filtered candidates.
  • The candidates approaching through them has the right reason to get the job: the passive candidates when convinced are made to understand the long-term opportunities and career goals which enlightens them about particular job offer. So, the candidate would take up the job for a longer tenure considering the current scenario and the future growth prospects.

Best Practices for Employers

  • Hire with the idea that the role will become permanent
  • Work with a reputable staffing service
  • Assess both your needs and candidate fit

Benefits of Temp-to-Perm Hire for Employers

  • A temp-to-perm hire strategy enables you to evaluate potential employees prior to offering a permanent employment.
  • This hiring practice saves employers time & money that can result from a bad hire.
  • One of the best ways to find temp-to-perm hire employees is by connecting with a reputable staffing agency.

Turacoz is a workforce management partner for many of our clients. We take care of staffing requirements for life sciences and pharmaceutical/biotech/medical device industry. We provide cost-effective staffing solutions and the personal attention your business deserves, we are committed to developing long-term, successful relationships with each of our clients.

If you are looking for hiring assistance for Temp-to-Perm Hire model, then please connect with us for your specific requirements.

By Aakanksha Pareek

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