Case Studies

Managed Project-based Staffing Requirement

The Challenge

Client required staffing resources for ad-hoc short-term projects during high workload. The project timelines were very stringent. Existing staff whose skill set was required to complete the project was already engaged in few priority tasks. Skills required for the completion of the project were difficult to find in a limited time and for limited duration. Without the proper staffing partner, delivering the project would have been difficult.


We worked closely with the client to assess the project requirements and the skills-set. Our swift deployment program helped the client to deliver immediate and exceptional results for their requirement. We evaluated the potential of our existing resources to match the required skills and presented it to the client. Client approved the resource and the project started immediately and was closed within the assigned timeframe. Swift Deployment model gave access to the trained professionals immediately with no overhead & infrastructure cost.


We developed a customized solution to meet such demands of our clients and delivered exceptional skill sets in the necessary areas.


Assignment was satisfactorily completed by us. We recruit and maintain staff on regular basis to immediately meet such client requirements. We have provided staffing solutions to this firm successfully for over 5 years.