Know about the Latest Employee Recognition Trends

Recognition has experienced significant changes in the last few decades. The most significant current trend in employee recognition is the impact technology has made. Following are some key ways recognition has changed in today’s work atmospheres.

  1. This is now decentralized and informal
  2. In the past, HR was responsible for designing and implementing incentive programs. Today, the task of motivating employees falls with their manager in his/her province of prominence, and recognition has become much more spontaneous.

    Informal, spontaneous recognition is what matters most on a day-to-day basis. It is even more important today due to the increased speed and constant revolution that occurs in businesses.

  1. This now includes more rewards options & giving choices
  2. Earlier, recognition programs like employee-of-the-month or retirement celebrations were trending. But now, options for employee recognition are much better, and managers give employees a choice to select their desired rewards.

  1. This is now more customized and personal
  2. Today, with technological advancement, the software can track employee preferences, you can customize and personalize rewards to fit the needs and preferences of each employee.

  1. This is now emphasizing a performance-based culture
  2. Companies are moving away from an approach of “taking care of people” to one of “helping employees help themselves”. Companies provide prospects for employees to learn, grow, perform, and produce in ways that help both the organization and the employees.

  1. Socially responsible rewards are valued
  2. Organizations and employees are becoming more socially active and responsible. Now, social causes are even more important to employees, they are becoming a more important part of the recognition program. Managers need to be sensitive and sympathetic to causes and values that are important to their employees.

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By Smita Soni

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