How to Train Your New Employees to Turn Them into The Greatest Resources of All Time!

Employees form the most important part of any organization. No organization is complete without its employees. Employees help the company to achieve its goals and the process of recruiting employees goes on for any business.

Good employees prove to be a valuable asset for the company and while hiring new employees a company hopes that the new hires would serve with absolute sincerity and help organization achieve its mission.

A mistake that the organizations usually make is not imparting formal trainings to new employees. They think that a new employee would learn automatically while working in the organization. On-the-job training has lots of scope but training your employees specifically helps improve the quality of work and helps in employee retention.

The employees feel desired for and important in the organization when given specialized trainings or made part of general training sessions. This creates a happy employee base.

Training for new employees:

An organization should never overlook or underestimate the need for training in case of new employees as this will help the employees in developing a better understanding of the organization and their job role. Developing a new employee training program is a very essential management skill.

Managing new employees is a time taking process. It requires good communication and patience to deal with them. An organization needs to train new employees on specific process and tell them what the organization expects them to do, what would be the evaluation process and what are the general mistakes they can avoid.

One thing to be kept in mind is that not all individuals learn at the same pace. With right amount of patience and proper communication and training, both organization and the new employees can gain favorable results.

Mentioned below are some of the steps/techniques to train your employees effectively:

  • Conjointly address new employee agenda: You need to be sure of the direction you are proceeding in before formulating a new employee training program. Figure out what each new hire is supposed to do in your organization. Follow the steps below:
    • Single out the task’s employees need to perform and things they need to know and divide them into steps or series.
    • Determine the most suitable person to impart the training
    • Stay equipped with resources, replenishment and time
    • Identify the best method to train
    • Get feedback of training to ensure that the employees have understood all information
  • Use best employee onboarding practices: Best employee onboarding practices bring out the best of results. Here is how you can make the employee onboarding more impactful:
    • Commence the training a day prior to the day of joining. Drop a welcome mail and introduce the team via mail or video conferencing. This will ease the first day of the employee in a new company.
    • Ensure to make a checklist of the tasks to be done as it will restrain you going off track.
    • Organize a tailor-made day for the new employee. Analyze what a new employee would be seeking for on his/her first day. Show new employees the way you work and introduce the team. Let them introduce themselves to the team and create a friendly environment.
    • Don't go for one-size-fits-all technique and rather go for personalized trainings.
    • Give employees chance to express themselves and put up any questions or doubts.
  • Make them adept to the culture and not just train about the job: Your organization is determined by both the work you do and how you do. Train your employee to gel up in the work culture of your organization. Show them how you go about certain tasks and what all the employee can enjoy while working there.
  • Go for reviews and changes to your training program: To modify your training program you need to review the employees and their work to assess how successful your training program has been. Regular reviews can be made a part of your organization’s culture. Reviewing after first week or month can help you determine how much were you able to make the new employee understand your work culture and his job role. Further reviews after three months, six months or even a year will help you assess you training program and the required changes.

Golden advice for schooling new employees:

  • Welcome the ideas and suggestions of new employees while you are training them. This will make them feel valued and you will also be encouraging creativity and innovation.
  • Assure your existing senior employees and be sensitive to their needs as they are a valuable resource to your organization. Don't ignore them for the new ones.
  • Make your senior employees the mentors for the new ones. This will make them feel valued and save your time and energy on training new employees.
  • Put up reasonable targets for the new employees and communicate precisely. This will improve work efficiency and will be a time saver.
  • Make sure to provide frequent feedbacks to the new employees so that they become aware of any mistakes they might be committing unknowingly or knowingly. Make sure to not to give personal feedbacks and adhere just to work related feedback while keeping the tone positive.
  • Practice just and equal treatment, away from biasness or favoritism. Don't treat new employees lowly or give senior too much of importance.
  • The focal point should be team building. Make new employees part of team meet-up or other events and give them ample chance to interact with others.
  • Commemorate team and individual achievements. The more time the new employees spend in your organization, the more will they learn about the work and work culture and help in completing team and organizational goals. Make sure to recognize their accomplishments as an individual and a team too.

Proper training of the new employees will yield in good work and favorable results. The more you make the new employee feel like they belong to your organization, the longer would be their stay and the quality of work would be good.

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By Aakanksha Pareek

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