Scientific Writing

Publication Writing and Submission in Journals


12th March 2022 – 30th April 2022


8 weeks


6:00 to 8:00 pm IST (Saturday)




19th March, 2022


250 USD for academic/researchers,
500 USD for Industry

Trainers Profile

Dr. Namrata Singh

Turacoz Healthcare Solutions MBBS, DNB (Paediatrics), MBA

Dr. Shruti Banerjee Shah

Turacoz Healthcare Solutions Phd Oncology

Dr. Sneha Sinha

Turacoz Healthcare Solutions Phd Biotechnology

Dr. Mudili Sivaprasad

Turacoz Healthcare Solutions Masters in Biotechnology, Phd in Biochemistry, Post-doctoral research

Dr. Lourelle R. Pereira

Turacoz Healthcare Solutions Phd Botany

Ankita Mistry

Turacoz Healthcare Solutions MA Pharmacy

Ruchira Das

Turacoz Healthcare Solutions MSc. Medical Science

Dr. Salini A.

Turacoz Healthcare Solutions Phd Biotechnology

Dr. Somdatta Mukherjee

Turacoz Healthcare Solutions MS in Cell and Molecular Biology, M.Sc in Zoology

About Turacoz

Turacoz is a global Medical Communications Company working with more than 75 global pharmaceutical MNCs, medical devices, diagnostic, and consumer care companies. The training curriculum is prepared by medical writers and trainers who are members of esteemed organizations like AMWA (American Medical Writer Association), EMWA (European Medical Writer association) and ISMPP (The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals) to name a few and with 10 to 15 years of experience in the industry.

Having a formal and specialized medical publication training from us would help you shape your dreams and achieve success in the industry.

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Course Details

The final step of any successful research endeavour is to disseminate the research findings to the scientific community at large. Prospective authors (medical/scientific writers) face substantial challenges or barriers during publication of their work. In our attempt to bridge this gap and help the scientific and medical research community publish their findings in reputed journals, we have developed this instructor-led live online 8-week comprehensive scientific publication writing course.

This course also helps to up-skill the knowledge of professionals working in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, and research sectors and climb higher professional hierarchy cadres. It aims to provide guidance and practical training to help people from the life sciences field interested in pursuing a career as a publication writer or in related roles.

This is a Certified Course in Scientific Publication Writing which is comprehensively reviewed and endorsed by CPD UK, thus imparting students the edge required to enter the medical writing industry. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. The term is used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.

The CPD service is the largest CPD accreditation in the UK, with nearly 25 years of experience supporting training providers across all sectors.

Why should you do CPD accredited course?


CPD certified symbol is the qualitative benchmark that not only reflects, but also sets quality standards


CPD accreditation will assist you in building your professional reputation, gaining credibility with clients, and becoming an attractive candidate for new employers


Undertaking this training, is a way of showing that you want to invest in and are committed to continuous learning and progression

What They say

I think it's a wonderful organization with a very approachable team. I really appreciate everybody's patience while handling my queries. The course was really all-comprehensive and I think all the important parts were touched upon. In spite of being an online course, I still felt a good communication and rapport with the trainers. I really enjoyed the course on Publication writing from Turacoz Healthcare Solutions. I am starting out as a fresher in this field and I feel like the course really introduced me to what all I can expect in Publication writing. It was a comprehensive course which covered all the important aspects and I really appreciate the range of assignments that we had to do. The feedback really helped in understanding areas where I need to improve. Freelancing part was especially helpful as it gave us an idea on how to start in it. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to start a career in Publication writing. The live project was great too since that gave us some exposure as to how the clients present projects, how we are to work on them, the process that follows and also meeting deadlines which is of utmost importance in the field.

Shruti Kadam

Medical Writer, Turacoz Healthcare Solutions, Masters in Biotechnology

As an organization, channelizing employees along with self to train students is a challenge but Turacoz has made it possible. All the trainers and coordinators have been very helpful throughout the course. The publication writing course by Turacoz was very informative. The assignments and quizzes made it more enjoyable. When and how these 3 months flew by wasn't noticed. Hope to be in touch in future too. Will definitely recommend Turacoz to aspiring medical writing candidates. No other organizsation devotes so much time to upgrading others.

Sushmita Kuswa

Turacoz makes you professionally efficient without taking out the fun, genuineness, and informality in the process of learning and working. The work culture is positive and supportive at Turacoz, and that is primary for anyone who seeks to start or is anywhere in their professional journey. I had an enriching learning experience in the course. It touches upon all the basic aspects that you need to know. The best thing is the trainers, they are patient, kind, helpful, and always available.

Ninad Nagarkar

Medical Writer, Turacoz Healthcare Solutions, Masters in Biotechnology

Who should join this course?


Week 1

12th March

Introduction to scientific and medical publication writing

Writing Introduction section

Writing Methods section

Writing Results and Discussion section

Compliance tracking in publications

Journal activities

Congress activities

Advisory board meetings

Writing other publication types

Publication writing as a career