28th March, 2023


6:00 pm IST




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About The Webinar

All academicians have undoubtedly received invites to publish their papers in some or the other journals. Many of you must have even received invitations to attend or present at various conferences at some point. But do you know that these may be predatory in nature!! Are you aware of the immense threat of phishing activities? They have a tremendous impact on the academic community. As a researcher, your career may be adversely affected if you submit your work to publications or conferences that are predatory.

Predatory journals are a threat worldwide. These journals accept articles for publication and may charge authors’ fees, without performing promised quality checks for issues like plagiarism or ethical approval. Even worse, they do not reject poor quality studies. It is often difficult to identify such journals as they misrepresent members of the journal’s editorial board, make deceptive claims of indexing or membership of associations and also about the rigour of peer review. The victims are not just readers; several researchers have been tricked into submitting to predatory journals where their work might be ignored. Likewise, predatory conferences have been on a rise, especially after the pandemic. Pretending to be legitimate scientific conferences, their goal is to profit from registration fees while making no qualitative contributions to the scientific community. Many researchers are duped by their catchy taglines and tempting offerings. Even seasoned researchers have occasionally been exploited by such predatory conferences.

Brief Agenda

The biggest challenge is that many researchers are unable to discriminate between legitimate conferences/journals and the predatory ones. Our upcoming webinar will give you an overview of what predatory conferences and/or journals are and how to identify them effectively. You will also know what can be done to prevent yourself from falling prey to these fake activities.

Key Highlights

  • Overview of what predatory conferences and/or journals are
  • How to identify predatory conferences and/or journals effectively
  • What can be done to prevent yourself from falling prey to such fake activities

Who Should Join This Webinar?

Industry Professionals
Students (Graduates and Post-graduates)

Trainers Profile

Professional Medical Writer working with International Pharmaceutical Clients

Dr. Shruti Shah
Director – Strategy & Growth
Turacoz Healthcare Solutions