Ways to Filter Out Unsuitable Candidates for a Job

In a world full of academically strong individuals and people who live just for the day, it gets tedious choosing the right person for a job. People tend to put up a deceitful act when it comes to job interviews. It’s impossible to judge a person based on looks. Everyone wants to be employed and earn enough to sustain themselves. People can go to any extent to get a job. They could lie on resumes and to the interviewer about their experience in a particular field, also giving false information about their educational qualifications. So, the question here is, “how to weed out these unsuitable candidates?”.

Here are 5 ways on how to filter out unqualified candidates for a job:
  1. Resume Screening: The most basic method of weeding out the unqualified candidates for a job is in the initial stages of getting to know a candidate. The first stage of getting to know an individual is when you first look at their resumes. Just by glancing at it you kind of get a gist of their personality. Creativity in such areas is not everyone’s strong point, and companies don’t expect resumes to be pieces of art. But the presentation and information within the resume does matter. When looking at them, certain things need to be kept in mind, such as the length of the resume. This shows the experience the person has gained over time. you also need to assess the language and design of the resume. Only experienced people will know how to form a proper resume. And on the overall evaluation of the resume, you can decide if you want to go further with the candidate, or not.
  2. Making them Work on Short Projects:This is probably one of the best ways through which you can assess the capabilities of a candidate. If the job opportunity that you are providing is technical in nature, making them work on a small assignment can provide you with the necessary information you need, to properly judge their skills. By doing so you can make sure that the individual being considered is up to the mark. In verbal interviews, many under qualified candidates may have good communication skills and a lot of confidence, but having these traits is only beneficial in certain jobs. For technical roles, the candidate needs to be highly skilled in the respected department. These assignments make the candidates put in 100% of what they got, and by assessing their efforts you can state if they are eligible for the job, or not.
  3. Conducting Background Checks:Background checks are essential when appointing for a high-profile job or position. As a matter of fact, a background check should be done on all suitable candidates, of any job profiles. After interviews, many potential candidates stand out of the crowd, but still not all of them are completely truthful. Many individuals tend to deceit companies by including false job experiences and educational qualifications. Thus, a background check can prove to be very helpful. Background checks are essential for companies that want to make sure, that the person they are about to hire is really who they say they are.
  4. Analyzing Online Information of Candidate:One of the best and fastest sources of acquiring information about the candidate is the ‘Internet’. Through social media sites and networks, you can find out if the candidate has a website, blog, public portfolio or a social media profile. By analyzing the available data, you can judge the candidate’s skills and aspirations. The online information has been uploaded by the candidate itself, thus it is genuine. Using this information, you can also find out aspects that were not mentioned in their resume. This type of “investigation” is a kind of background check that many HR representatives undertake to find perfect candidates for jobs. The search opens an array of information and could tell you something that wouldn’t make you hire the candidate. It gives an inside view of the candidate’s true nature. And in turn makes the selection process much easier.
  5. Segment the Hiring Process: One effective way of hiring the best suited candidates, is to segment the hiring process. This means that instead of having just 1-2 rounds of interviews and texts, divide the selection process into a few more parts. You can then have, phone interviews, video interviews, small assignment tests, HR rounds, manager interview rounds, etc. In this manner the filtering process will be much more efficient, and you will end up with the best people for the job. The information gathered by the various tests and interviews help segregate the “good ones” from the “might-as-well try it ones”. Leaving behind the individuals who are interested in the job offer and are capable of doing it well.

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By Duaranne Everett

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