These Tricks Will Help You In Attracting Passive Candidates

We are living in the golden era of innovation and technology. According to an article published in the Economic Times, “There are over 1,300 start-ups added in 2019 and over 8,900 tech-start-ups in India now.” This data has been accumulated by the revolutionary IT industry body, NASSCOM.

Starting your own company (start-up) is a big deal, for which you need to have a unique idea or an exclusive business strategy. Along with this you need to know the ins & outs of the market and you need to have substantial experience in managing your staff.

If you want your enterprise/organization to progress and expand, you need to come about with an amalgamated method for hiring and holding on to the best and brightest of professionals in the market. As a start-up you need to understand this one thing, today’s business managers are facing a double revolution. Number one is a digital transformation changing the way in which we work and the second being an inundation of generational youths who think, act and anticipate completely different things from those who lead them.

You need to learn how to hire, inspire and retain these professional if you want your company to prosper and grow.

Tips for manging your digital workforce:
Update your leadership style:

With a change in the structure of today’s digital economy, the traditional leadership style is completely out-of-date. Micro-management, cheesy incentivised games and a type of siloed leadership has no place in today’s free-loving, free-flowing world. Employees today tend to appreciate and favour freedom over strictness and structuralism. They want a chance to play a meaningful role in the place they feel good in. They demand a flexible environment, where they can get a chance to pursue outside passions and different income streams.

When employees are rewarded with working conditions that make life easier, such as flexibility to work from home, they tend to stay happier with their work, and are much more productive.

Never underestimate the productivity and loyalty of a satisfied employee, especially when today’s technology is making life so much more easier.

Diversify their roles and responsibilities:

Technology is proving to be a boon for the employees and employers of any and all companies/organizations. It’s helping in increasing the speed and insight of the employees and is providing them with more time to take on responsibilities and roles, making them important resources in the decision-making process and the management system. These individuals are well-informed, know what’s best for them, and place high value on personal growth. If given the opportunity, these highly skilled individuals are ready to take up specialised roles and responsibilities.

To utilize their complete skills and abilities, you need to offer training opportunities, which will help boost their strengths and in-turn prove to be highly profitable for your company as well.

Utilize the power of the BOYD policy:

For a smooth and productive functionality of your company, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy needs to made optional for your employees. In the 2020 era of digitalisation it is extremely hard for companies to stay up to date with the latest software updates and security patches. In such cases, allowing the employees to work on their own devices via remote networking and cloud computing will enhance work speed and accessibility tenfold. Not only that, it will also help cut cost and you will be able to save a lot of resources and funds.


Know your security risks before allowing an abundance of external devices onto your network.

Communication is key:

As an entrepreneur, you need to understand there is no digital transformation on this planet that can change the one-on-one face-to-face conversations that people experience. Yes, the fancy high-rise buildings, electrical plug-in stations and the free Wi-Fi can impress prospective employees, but it cannot make your employees more productive and efficient. Focus on connecting, rather than anonymizing. It is important for a leader to know and understand his/her subordinates.

Communication is key as it helps your employees grow, right along with your company.

We at Turacoz Workforce Solutions understand the struggles of a newly set up start-up. From registering the company to making sure that the employees get paid on time, it is a struggle to success. We can help take the load off just a bit by providing you with staffing and hiring services. To know more about the services we provide, click here.

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By Duaranne Everett

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