The significance of saying NO at work

This may sound a bit weird to some but saying “NO” at work is not only acceptable but is also beneficial in a way. People think that saying “NO” for work could come out as disrespectful and could lead to problems. But the thing most people don’t understand is that, to be successful, one must put in all of his/her efforts on what has to be done, rather than adding more and more work to their lists.

The real dilemma whether to say no or yes tends to depend on the fear of disappointing someone. It is important to know when and in what manner to say no, but even before that, you need to analysis your current schedule. You need to keep your goals first, and on that basis, you need to either accept or (politely) decline the assignment or project.

Importance of saying NO!

More time to accomplish the important stuff:

The real importance of saying no is that you put yourself first. It is essential that you understand the value of your own time and work. When it comes to personal-development, people are selfish. And it is good to be selfish when it comes to growing yourself as a person and professional.

Helping others is always a good deed, appreciated by both parties. But if you are not able to take out time from your schedule, then you need to be frank and decline the request to help. Helping others in their assignments and projects when you yourself are swamped with projects and deadlines is not a smart move. Prioritize your work first. If you wish to be successful in life, you have to learn to say NO.

Once you decline to work for others, you save more time to work on your personal goals and projects. And this should always be priority number one. Keeping your needs and aspirations above others isn’t a bad thing. It shows that you are focused and serious about your life and career.

Understand this, saying no does have its benefits, but this doesn’t mean that you have to decline work even when you have the time. In time that isn’t being used productively, helping out a colleague or friend is highly appreciated. And when it comes to workplace assistance, participating in other peoples work always helps gain experience and knowledge. Thus, it is important to know when and how to say no for a task or assignment.

It builds better relations:

One major dilemma most people face when thinking of saying no, is the thought of letting down the person who is asking for help. They feel that their colleague/friend will take it as an insult and that it would probably lead to a split in their relation (either professional or personal). This very thought forces people to say yes, even when they are swamped with work.

But such is never the case, image this scenario, you ask a friend for some work-related help, and he/she happens to (politely) decline your request. Does this mean that your world has stopped spinning? Obviously, no! You pull a few strings and work a few hours extra to complete the task. Does this rejection make your friend inconsiderate and rude? I guess you already know the answer.

When people decline requests for assistance, they have a reasonable explanation for doing so. They have their priorities set and aligned. No one ever refuses to help out a co-worker if they have the time. You need to keep yourself at the centre of your life and when necessary, say NO. The problem with always saying yes is that over a period of time, you friends and colleagues take you for granted. You start to lose your respect and if you ever say no, they then take it as an insult. Saying no helps set boundaries and build stronger relations. Boundaries lead to respect, especially when they are present on both sides of the relationship.

If you wish to be successful and focused in life, you need to learn to say NO.

We at Turacoz Workforce Solutions believe that people should learn the importance of saying no at the workplace. Workplace exploitation is a real thing. And people who have problems with being frank are targeted the most. We wish that the people learn the significance of prioritizing their work over others.

Put your goals and dreams at the centre of your life and be selfish if you ever want to attain them.

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By Duaranne Everett

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