6 benefits to outsourcing Human Resources

Business mangers and owners always agree on the fact that their employees are their most valuable assets. A company’s human resource department has various functions which are considered crucial and important for running a business. Due to the complexity of their role, managing the HR department has become a very critical role in managing a business. HR’s dynamic functionality has made it very complex to maintain in-house.

In such situations, companies tend to use the services of Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) which are set-up to achieve the same level of efficiency and productivity and workforce management. This outsourcing of the HR has several benefits and many companies tend to opt for such management services.

Some of the benefits are:

Increases efficiency:

The human resource department is responsible for a variety of functions. Companies that are not properly equipped to maintain efficiency and productivity choose to outsource their HR’s functionality. Companies that are equipped with advanced human resource technology, are being utilized by other organisations and firms to help streamline HR duties, such as payroll and benefits administration. These outsourcing companies are solely dedicated to managing all HR related function of their clients. This outsourcing helps companies focus more on improving efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce. Companies opting for outsourcing HR functions have more time working on their core operating functions.


Many companies find it highly cost-effective to completely outsource their HR functions. Basically, outsourcing helps cut the cost of maintaining back-office expenses which do not contribute to a company’s revenue generation. When opting for an in-house HR department, companies are required to invest in acquiring additional space and highly trained HR professional. This “investment” is considered by many companies to be a waste of both funds and resources. Small business owners, start-ups and even well-established companies all are seen benefiting from the use of these HR outsourcing services. Economically speaking, companies tend to choose the cost-effective option of outsourcing the HR department, rather than to expand to a bigger location just to meet the space needs of another department.

Help with employee compliance:

Laws pertaining to hiring, insurance, claims management and benefits are constantly subjected to changes and updates. This causes a struggle on small businesses and start-ups to keep up with these changes. Failure to comply with these regulations can be financially disastrous. Thus, to overcome and bypass such problems, companies tend to use the services of professional employer organizations (PEO). These trusted firms basically takeover the HR functions and help companies in understanding and taking action to comply with these complex laws and regulations. In this way companies don’t waste their resources on hiring experienced HR professionals and simply hire PEO’s to do the same job at a cheaper cost.

Risk management:

Risk management is one of the key benefits to outsourcing HR functions. It can be difficult for employers to stay up to date with all of the updating ‘employment and labour laws.’ These laws and regulations are crucial to every business and it is important to adhere to them. Any violation of these laws can prove to be legally damaging to a company.

The HR professionals appointed by outsourcing firms are trained to be on top of the updating ‘tax and labour employment laws.’ Companies often tend to use these outsourcing firms to avoid costly lawsuits, mainly brought on by its employees.

Employee development:

Enhancing employee development and performance is every business’ fixed goal. When companies opt to outsource their Human Resource functions, they are provided with expert performance tracking systems. These firms are responsible for implementing a performance management plan that ensures all employees comply with the company’s policies and terms. Their system of performance tracking periodically monitors the employee’s performance and reports the findings in a systematic and organized manner to the management. This system helps boost efficiency of the staff as well as the management, and at the same time it reduces the workload of the managers by cutting down the administrative responsibilities.

Payroll services:

The most common outsourced HR function is Payroll. Oftentimes doing payroll can be tedious and prone to mistakes. To overcome any such problem, over 80% of large corporations consisting of more that 500 employees, outsource this HR function. The reason why companies use such services is due to the fact that outsourcing payroll is very cheap when compared to the cost of maintaining a company-payroll staff.

It is obvious why a majority of companies and business opt to outsource a majority of the HR functions. They help save money and companies are able to focus their resources on other revenue generating operations.

Turacoz Workforce Solutions is a medical-staffing solutions company, we provide services like temporary hiring, permanent hiring and temporary to permanent hiring. It doesn’t matter if you have a well-established company or you are just a start-up, all businesses and companies benefit from outsourcing their HR functions. Outsourcing is not only cheaper, but it also allows you to focus your time on more important aspects of business.

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By Duaranne Everett

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